1:1 Peak Performance

BUSINESS coaching

Get coached on productivity, time management, business systems, team building, strategic decision making, and mindset so you can reduce stress, reclaim time, and increase profits during private coaching sessions with me tailored specifically to help you and your business succeed!

When you started your business, you knew you’d have to grind but this many years in, should it still feel this hard? This challenging leading your team? This exhausting trying to keep your business thriving while not neglecting your relationships and health?

No, it shouldn’t be that hard. Success in business should not have to come at the cost of sacrificing your relationships, hobbies, and health. And… it doesn’t have to.

If you dream of running a successful business with less stress AND having more time for the people and things that matters most, but that’s not your current reality...

I want to help you!

My goal as a business coach specializing in productivity, time management, business systems, leading your team, strategic decision making, and mindset, is to partner with you in your success. I manage that by equipping you with proven strategies, skill sets, and resources to reduce stress, reclaim time, and perform at your best so you can increase profits. In our 1:1 Peak Performance Business Coaching sessions we will work together to clearly define your goals and the milestones you must reach in order to achieve them. We’ll brainstorm, mastermind, and collaborate to design a plan for execution aimed at effectively guiding you to successful results. You’ll walk away from each session with greater clarity on how to grow your business and an ACTION PLAN consisting of the exact steps necessary to move you closer to achieving your goals.

Helping overwhelmed business owners get unstuck and determine a clear path to increase profits and reclaim time is what I do. With the right support, you CAN have it all and I want to help you achieve exactly that!

If You Want To…
  • Reduce stress and overwhelm
  • Feel in control of your business and life
  • Develop a success mindset
  • Conquer your day with ease
  • Create effective business systems
  • Lessen the time required to complete your task load
  • Find greater balance between your personal and professional life
  • Improve your time management, productivity, and efficiency
  • Fully achieve your vision of success
  • Build your dream team and lead them confidently
  • Have more time for family, friends, health, and passions
  • Learn how to prioritize, delegate, and focus
  • Quit being a slave to your inbox
  • Be empowered to change
  • Get equipped to overcome your unique challenges
  • Make decisions confidently
  • Crush your goals
  • Provide exceptional service to your clients
...1:1 Peak Performance Business Coaching is for you.

Hiring me as your business coach is essentially choosing me as a strategic partner to walk by your side, teaching you, challenging you, supporting you, and holding you accountable for taking action to achieve your goals and live the life you want.

Client Success Stories: 

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Jenny Slingerland

"Before being coached by Amber, my business was thriving but running it didn’t feel good. I was a slave to my inbox, struggled with my ADD, had difficulty prioritizing, and my mind and body weren’t in a healthy place. I felt like I was short-circuiting. Amber gave me strategies to turn all that around AND make more time for my family. She helped me form a game plan to transform my business so it fits in with the life I crave and empowered me to make the necessary changes to see results. I wanted to change my life and with Amber’s help, I did!"

~ Jenny Slingerland, Owner & Principal Designer of Black Ink Interiors

Jenny's Success Story

Jenny Slingerland is the high-achieving owner and principal designer of Black Ink Interiors. When Jenny first came to me, her business was already thriving, profits were climbing, and the phone never stopped ringing. Still, running her business didn’t feel good.

Jenny was struggling as an entrepreneur wearing all the hats and feeling the pressure of ‘the buck stops with you.’ She was investing everything she had into her business and very little into herself. She wanted to be more present with her family but kept feeding the monster, giving the business more and more of herself. And no matter how much she gave, it didn’t feel like enough.

Jenny was a slave to her inbox and overwhelmed because she had a hard time letting go of tasks and delegating to others. She was also struggling with her ADD which made prioritizing and staying focused difficult. Jenny’s mind and body weren’t in a healthy place even though her business was. She felt like she was short-circuiting and got to a place where she’d had enough. Jenny realized she needed somebody to give her direction on how to manage her ADD, hold her accountable, and form a game plan for transforming her business so it fits in with the life she craves.

I look at Jenny today and am so proud of the progress she’s made in taking back control of her business and life. She is no longer bogged down working IN her business and actually works ON her business. She weighs opportunities against her goals and only goes down avenues she deems worthy of her time and energy. She anchors down her list of priorities and makes them happen instead of making excuses for why they can’t.

Jenny now executes strategies to curb her ADD and enable her focus. She no longer lets her inbox determine her day and is okay with something not being perfect but perfect enough so that her team can take the reins on some tasks and she can stay in her zone of genius.

Finally, Jenny got the permission she needed to create a schedule that allows her to work from home two days a week so she can be more present in her daughters’ lives. She now walks them to and from the bus stop twice a week and follows her passion for art by teaching art classes - things she could never have imagined doing before. Once Jenny’s eyes were opened to what was possible, she felt empowered to change her family life and did. Major props, Jenny!

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LuAnn Nigara

"Working out had been a non-negotiable for me six days a week. Once I started my podcast, all that time got sucked up as well as other personal time for my husband and passions. I was okay with that for a time because this huge, new project was so gratifying. I strongly believed I could produce an amazing podcast OR live a fulfilling personal life, but definitely not do both. Amber disagreed. She stepped into my life as a coach with different perspectives, knowledge, and strategies that helped me transform my mindset and realize what was possible. I let go of the notion that only I could do certain tasks in my business, made a new hire that has worked out brilliantly, and adopted an AND mindset that allowed me to reclaim what I’d lost in my personal life when I started my podcast. You really can have it all. Amber helped make that possible."

~ LuAnn Nigara, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Viral Podcast Host of A Well Designed Business

LuAnn's Success Story

A few years back, a new client confidently said, “I bet I’m going to be your most difficult client.” I immediately became eager to dive into LuAnn Nigara’s successful business to help her fix what about it made her feel “difficult.” Running a business at LuAnn‘s level no doubt comes with a lot of chaos but I was determined to help her find more calm, create more efficiency, and have more time to live outside of her business, doing things she enjoyed. What that required was a giant mindset shift. Here’s how it all began…

Throughout her many years as a business owner, working out had been a non-negotiable for LuAnn six days a week. It boosted her energy, gave her all those feel-good endorphins, and kept her from getting “chubby and soft” (her words). That all changed once LuAnn started her very successful podcast and it sucked up all her free time. She let it continue like that for four years because she was:

  • Loving doing the podcast

  • Making a difference in others’ lives

  • Seeing higher revenue

LuAnn had willingly replaced recreation, personal time, and working out for something else that was extremely gratifying. The change in her personal life and freedom was dramatic but she accepted it. She had to, right?

I disagreed. I wanted her to have both and I knew she could. My goal was to help LuAnn figure out how she could regain all that she’d lost in her personal life while continuing to produce her amazing podcast and run her business. I was confident LuAnn could transform her mindset from thinking OR to living out AND. We just had to find the right strategy.

I dove into LuAnn’s business, approached it from a different perspective, and asked an insane amount of questions to find out where we could reclaim the most time to achieve the biggest breakthrough. I found the answer in her weekend routine. She was spending 6-12 hours writing the intro/outros to her three weekly podcast episodes every weekend! I recommended she give outsourcing her intro/outros a shot. LuAnn admitted her check engine light had not been working, continuing at the speed she was going was not sustainable, and something needed to change. Still, she firmly resisted outsourcing her intro/outros as she was emotionally attached to them and believed they were her secret sauce that only she could write.

My relentless recommendations to LuAnn eventually paid off. She hired a few writers, loved the intro/outros they wrote, and made final edits if needed before each episode aired.  The result? The quality of the intro/outros didn’t suffer because the experienced, professional writers expertly mimicked LuAnn’s voice. LuAnn reclaimed her weekends for spending quality time with her husband, working out, and doing whatever else she wanted to do instead of what she had to do. It felt great and freeing not having the looming intro/outro deadlines hanging over her head every weekend.

Conquering LuAnn’s long-held beliefs that a) she was the only person who could write her intro/outros and b) she had to choose between serving her listeners at the highest level OR having time for herself on the weekends, was just one of the many strategies we worked on together to help LuAnn minimize the chaos, create more balance, increase efficiency, and give her more time to operate in her zone of genius. We also made moves to systemize parts of her business, switch gears less often, reduce the trips down time-consuming rabbit holes, stop bottle-necking projects, get out of her inbox, batch tasks, track her time, be more intentional with it, and achieve other mindset breakthroughs she can build upon. I am happy to say LuAnn’s check engine light is working again and she’s operating at peak performance.

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Tim Clothier

"I was the classic overworked business owner. Coming home late, never finishing projects, pulled in a million directions at once. Fast forward to today – I now have a daily schedule; tasks get done and things don’t drop through the cracks. I spend time each week working on business development rather than chasing my tail to just keep the business running. I delegate better, feel calmer and most importantly – spend time with my wife and my son. Amber has been instrumental in developing systems so I can run and grow the business I want and be the husband and father I promised myself to be. Amber has become an integral part of my team. She communicates ideas and concepts extremely well and is an excellent motivator. She now also works with my key management staff, which has helped them professionally and personally. If I could sum up my coaching sessions – I would say coaching is a business asset that is a key ingredient to growth and success."

~ Tim Clothier, CEO of Illusion Projects

Tim's Success Story

Tim Clothier is the CEO of next-level fabrication shop Illusion Projects Incwhich originally got its start in taking magicians’ large-scale magic props from idea to completion. Once Tim got married and the let’s-start-a-family-discussions began, he knew he had to get his business house in order fast so he could be a good dad. Due to his upbringing, Tim was already hyper aware that he wanted to be a present dad which hardly aligned with how he had been running his business. He was consistently starting work at 8am and leaving work after 9pm six days a week. He knew his future child(ren) deserved better. Around the same time, Tim was feeling so exhausted from working so hard day after day that he asked himself, “Am I a business owner or just working really, really hard for a job that is not paying me enough for the work I’m doing?”

Tim’s biggest wakeup call came shortly thereafter when he arrived back at his workshop one morning after a late night there and realized he had left the doors open. Things HAD to change. Tim got to planning and identified some changes he wanted to make in the way he runs his business and how it affects the rest of his life.

He wanted to STOP:

  • Getting caught up in the day-to-day instead of moving projects forward

  • Operating in firefighter mode 100% of the time, making him constantly feel scatterbrained

  • Underestimating how long it takes to complete tasks

  • Spending way too much time at work 

  • Allowing constant interruptions from his staff

  • The rinse and repeat of wake up super early, work until super late, sleep

  • Attempting to wear every hat 

  • Being the self-proclaimed “world’s worst micromanager” which prevents others from doing their jobs

  • Being a “horrible chokepoint” holding everyone else up

  • The Tim Show! and actually allow his talented team members to execute their own creative ideas and flourish

So, Tim started planning how he could make those changes. What he could not have planned on was how big his business was going to get during the transformation. The demand for Tim’s services exponentially increased and his plan for changing the way he ran his business so he could be home with his family more first and foremost, was at risk of imploding. Tim needed someone to help him stay focused, be organized, and get unstuck, just as he helps his client get unstuck with their ideas. His mentor recommended he talk to me about coaching and seven years later, here we are, still meeting together twice monthly for private business coaching sessions.

During our seven plus years together, I have become what Tim calls an “integral” part of his team. I work with his key management staff to ensure the business is running smoothly and Tim is able to continue achieving his goal of going home at a reasonable hour each night to be with his family. I’ve sat on the hiring committee to help him choose the right assistant out of 140 applicants. I love motivating Tim, helping him prioritize his ideas, and working with him to overcome his challenges as he continues to scale his business. We have accomplished a lot throughout our years working together (I say “we” because I partner with my clients in their success) and I am so proud of Tim for how he has transformed the way he runs his business and for what he has been able to achieve.

Since Tim started private coaching sessions with me, he has been ABLE TO:

  • Lead his team more effectively and stand tall in the visionary role of the company

  • Breathe and maintain a greater space to think and create

  • Go home a lot earlier to spend quality time with his wife and son

  • Hire more team members to reclaim time for focused design work

  • Take his son to school when he wants to

  • Take sick days and not be worried if his team is moving forward on projects

  • Successfully manage interruptions because there are far fewer these days

  • Not be stuck in the shop all day 

  • Have a CEO Day once a week in which he does big picture planning off-site, away from distractions, and flushes out the steps to execute his vision and ideas

  • Deliver projects to clients on time

  • More readily step outside his comfort zone because he has the bandwidth to execute

  • Effectively manage his inbox, sales calls, and projects

  • Magically bounce between his CEO role and creative role in no time at all

Tim created his business because he loves to push the envelope and do things that haven’t been done in terms of design, and he wanted to share that passion with the world. Now that Tim’s much better equipped to navigate any situation that arises and run his business confidently, he is achieving his vision daily and actually enjoying the journey that once felt entirely too overwhelming and time-consuming. Top hats off to you, Tim!

*To discover the new projects Tim took on, the personal goals he smashed, and the successes he achieved since his initial interview, check out Tim’s Update Interview


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Vita Vygovska

"Knowing how goal-oriented, efficient, and productive I am, everyone thought I was crazy for wanting to hire a business coach. I figured that top athletes in the world have coaches to help them reach peak performance, so why shouldn’t I? The long hours and amount of work required to keep my business thriving had been wearing on me. I knew there had to be a better way so I made some hires to assist with the workload. New employees meant new challenges though. Amber stepped in to help me navigate some hiring changes and take my time management and productivity to new levels. My business is still thriving but now, it feels way less messy. My quality of life has also improved, I am more present with my family, I feel more balanced, and I have more time for self-care. I have evolved into a better version of myself (Vita 11.0)."

~ Vita Vygovska, Owner of Vitalia, Inc. WIndow Treatments & Awnings

Vita's Success Story

Ever come to a crossroads in your entrepreneurial journey where you had to make a difficult choice between two paths that look and feel very different and lead to two very different places, both of which would be better destinations than where you currently are?

Vita Vygovska, the owner of Vitalia Inc. Window Treatments & Awnings, came to such a crossroads about 12 years after becoming a self-proclaimed corporate dropout and starting her own business as a solopreneur. It was just a few years ago that Vita came to the realization that she didn’t want to be doing a lot of her tasks anymore. She was working very long hours and the work was wearing on her greatly. Vita knew there were plenty of tasks she could delegate but just the idea of developing a team seemed scary - not on the financial level necessarily but just the high responsibility leading a team involved. She worried whether she’d have enough work for team members all the time as her business has a seasonality and ebbs and flows for other reasons as well.

Building a team seemed scary but Vita knew she didn’t want to continue as is either. As a solopreneur, she was maxing out on time, revenue, and net income. Sure, she was working at peak productivity but at the same time, she was feeling resentful for the amount of work she had to do and the amount of time she had to dedicate to her business to stay at that level. Vita was at a crossroads where she had to say no to some clients OR develop a team so she could continue to say yes to clients. The decision of which path to take took a lot of soul searching and journaling. It was somewhat of a tumultuous process for Vita but once she decided scaling up was the answer instead of scaling back, she pressed on full speed ahead.

Vita asked herself: How am I going to grow my team? How am I going to become version 11.0 of myself in order to support my team? Who is going to help get me  there? Vita decided hiring a productivity coach was the next right step in scaling her business. Knowing how goal-oriented, efficient, and productive Vita is, everyone thought she was crazy for wanting to hire a productivity coach. Vita shared her analogy that Olympians have coaches even though they are the top athletes in the world. Why shouldn’t the best business owners have coaches to help them reach peak performance? As Vita said, “Having a coach is non-negotiable.” That’s where I came in.

I partnered with Vita on her entrepreneurial journey once she had already scaled her business to a team of five but I coached her through some necessary employee changes. Her revenue was at $500,000 as a solopreneur and now she’s exceeded $1 million two years in a row with a team of seven supporting her along the way. According to Vita, her quality of life has improved, she’s more present with her family, she feels more balanced, and she has more time for self-care. We restructured Vita’s day so her journey is more enjoyable and running her business feels less messy. She feels that she has evolved into a better version of herself (Vita 11.0) and loves that I held her accountable during our time working together. As Vita said, “When the chemistry is right, it’s amazing.” Vita truly is a great student who was willing to learn and change her actions to change her life!

Mike Costantino

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Michael Costantino

"I took a leap of faith when I hired Amber to be my coach and that decision is one I now know I’d make 100 times over, having experienced the results. Amber helped me surpass my annual revenue goal in February! We then started dreaming bigger and I’ve been upleveling my goals ever since, including building my team. That growth was made possible by Amber helping with the key areas where I struggled: delegating, time blocking, staying focused, creating SOP’s, work/life balance, reducing overwhelm, and implementing a time management system that could keep up with the growth. I no longer let every buzz, beep, and click distract myself but instead, use effective strategies to cut out the noise and use my focused time to intentionally get my best work done. Thanks for partnering with me Amber."

~ Mike Costantino, Co-Owner, President, and Principal Architect for Montebello Architecture & Design

Michael's Success Story

As a business owner, sometimes we fall short of our goals.

Sometimes we overshoot our shot. Other times a change in circumstances or resources prevents us from hitting our goals or we simply don’t put in the required effort. Still, other times the opposite of falling short happens and we crush our goals in record timing. That’s what happened to Michael Costantino, the Co-Owner, President, and Principal Architect for Montebello Architecture & Design. Shortly after growing his team, he became a goal-crushing machine. His entrepreneurial journey didn’t exactly start out like that though…

After starting his business in 2018, Michael hired his first employee and felt like he was stumbling through figuring out how to lead a team. On the design side, he found it difficult to delegate tasks and decide which portions of projects he could pass off. On the leadership side, it was hard finding time to train his growing team while also navigating the many other challenges of being a business owner. Michael was also hellbent on providing exceptional service to his clients so he was making himself available all day long. That meant he allowed every buzz, beep, and click to distract him from what he was doing and therefore didn’t have enough focused design time. Michael was working long weekends to compensate and while his wife was fully supportive, he didn’t want to be away so much and miss out on quality time with her and his daughter. Michael sought support from business podcasts and stumbled upon my Productivity Straight Talk podcast. A year later, he took a leap of faith and hired me to be his coach.

After working together for some time, Michael and I set realistic revenue goals based on his previous year. We were optimistic he’d hit them but midway through February he had already surpassed all of the goals he had set for the entire year! That’s when we really ramped up what was possible and dreamed even bigger. Ever since, Michael has had to keep upleveling his goals as his team and business have grown.

So what had changed? Well, Michael had started running his business with a growth mindset, a better stocked tool belt, a great deal of intentionality, and a coach who supported him through building a team of three employees plus contractors and navigating tremendous growth in a short amount of time.

During our time working together, Michael specifically learned:

  • He can ask for help in both his business and personal life which gave him greater balance
  • How to time block effectively which helped him manage his time better and stay focused for longer periods
  • How to trust his team and delegate more to them which freed up his time
  • A new task management system that enabled him to keep up with the growth
  • How to create SOPs and dummy proof their hiring process which minimized hiccups during scaling
  • How to invest his best time into his best activities so he could continue achieving at a high level without constantly feeling out of balance and overwhelmed

Contrary to popular belief, it IS possible to not feel overwhelmed all the time in your business. Sometimes a decision just needs to be made, a system created, a process documented, a workflow shifted, boundaries maintained, or you simply need to stop overcommitting yourself to tasks and activities that don’t align with your goals.

Once we partnered up, I dove into Michael’s business, asked the tough questions, pinpointed what projects and tasks should be focused on, and helped him identify solutions that could work to overcome his challenges.

Asking for help is not a weakness. It’s giving yourself the opportunity to grow.

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Robyn Howard

"Working with Amber has been transformative. She helped me get clear on what type of client I wanted to serve which laid the foundation for niching down from four different types of clients to one. That radical change to my business model was the breakthrough that made everything else just click! I had far fewer “exception” clients so I was able to automate my systems and create SOP’s which made delegating much easier. I was able to serve more and better clients because I no longer had to create varied marketing to speak to four different types of clients. I reclaimed time for priority tasks and quality time with my kids. I also made major strides in finding my CEO voice which helped me lead my team more effectively and increase my business’ revenue. I owe so much of that growth and success to Amber’s guidance and support. Now that I'm intentionally working ON my business, I have reduced the amount of time I spend IN in my business from 6+ hours each day to less than 8 hours each week! Everything about my business feels better and I am so much less overwhelmed these days."

~ Robyn Howard, Owner at Top Level Content

Robyn's Success Story

Robyn Howard is as great of a coaching client as they come. She’s extremely coachable, actionable, and comes to every session prepared to unload and strategize so she can get the most out of the sessions and leave with action plans she’s excited to execute. Robyn finds so much joy and freedom in running her business these days but it wasn’t always like that…

A couple of years back, Robyn was running her successful blog content writing agency that supported SEO and digital marketing companies in sourcing blog content for their clients. She was also parenting her two children with special needs who had their own demanding schedules. Robyn was grateful for her full client load but at the same time, she felt like a duck, smooth sailing on the client-facing surface, but paddling for her life beneath the surface. That’s because Robyn was doing most of the work in her business herself and was therefore completely overwhelmed.

Robyn sought support in productivity podcasts, became a listener of mine, and went on to take one of my masterclasses, join my group coaching program, and then become a private coaching client. Together, we dove deep and got to the bottom of her overwhelm. Mainly, Robin wasn’t running her business efficiently and she wasn’t using her CEO voice. Instead of investing her time intentionally into the projects and tasks that needed to get done, she was operating in firefighter mode - running from fire to fire to fire, putting most out, getting burned by some. That incessant fighting was wearing on her mind, energy, and passion for her work greatly. She needed to catch her breath. So, we created goals to free up time so she could breathe, minimize the chaos, and reclaim time for marketing and sales so she could pursue her bigger goals.

One place Robyn and I worked on together to reclaim loads of time was in getting clear on who she wanted to serve. A self-proclaimed people pleaser, Robyn had been serving four different types of clients which had made automating her systems and processes difficult. It also made delegating incredibly challenging because there were so many necessary exceptions. She kept so much how-to knowledge in her head that she would constantly get interrupted by her team members asking her how to complete certain tasks or communicate with particular clients. Total time suck.

Once Robyn got clear on the type of client she actually enjoyed serving, she niched down from four different types of clients to one and radical, positive changes occurred. She had far fewer “exception” clients so she was able to automate her systems and processes. She was able to create SOP’s which made delegating much easier. She was able to serve more and better clients because she no longer had to create varied marketing to speak to different types of clients. She reclaimed time for priority tasks and quality time with her kids.  She made major strides in finding her CEO voice which helped her effectively lead her team and increase the business’ revenue. Everything felt so much better after Robyn got really clear on who she wanted to serve and how she could best serve them.

And that was just one of the many areas Robyn and I worked on to alleviate her overwhelm. Robyn now creates her schedule guilt-free and puts out far fewer fires. She’s better able to adapt and reset when her plans get hijacked and she has the bandwidth to dream bigger for herself and her business. Because she’s now intentionally working ON her business, Robyn has reduced the amount of time she spends IN her business from 6+ hours each day to less than 8 hours each week. That change has been transformative. It has been such a pleasure to watch Robyn evolve as a business owner and make running her business more joy-filled. Her journey has truly been an amazing one to partner in, and it’s far from over!

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Jessica Risko Smith

"I brought my challenges to my sessions with Amber and she brought the hard truths of what habits I needed to change and what actions I needed to take to be a better, more impactful business owner. But -- she did so with empathy and compassion that set the stage for me taking strategic, determined action. I had so many ah-ha’s working with Amber and was able to navigate some of my greatest challenges in business because of them. Having a coach who understands the intricate challenges business owners face and who is able to support you in overcoming them made all the difference."

~ Jessica Risko Smith, Owner at Jessica Risko Smith Interior Design

Jessica's Success Story

Before launching her business, Jessica Risko Smith had a long career at Gensler where she worked with Fortune 500 companies. Jessica was able to gain a full range of experience at the worldwide corporate design firm, especially in business systems and processes. She eventually took what she learned and opened her own firm in Santa Barbara, choosing to specialize in residential interior design.

Jessica was a one-woman show for a couple of years as she built her clientele and residential portfolio. She didn’t have the support of a large team but drew on her background at Gensler who had a well-defined team for everything. After she had her second child and moved to a new office space, Jessica decided it was time to grow. She first brought in a bookkeeper then kept adding others to her team. As a budding business owner, Jessica was a natural but as a lifelong learner intent on honing her craft, she constantly attended conferences and listened to podcasts. Over a decade and countless satisfied clients later, Jessica was still doing a lot of listening and absorbing but she had gotten to a point where she couldn’t implement what she was learning in a way that felt supported. She recognized that her team, although awesome, simply didn’t see the business the way she saw it and they couldn’t help her navigate her biggest challenges:

  • Hiring

  • Being the kind of boss she wanted to be

  • Deciding when to wear each of her many hats

  • Knowing what tasks to prioritize each day

  • Managing self-criticism

  • Celebrating her wins in a compassionate way

  • Recognizing her own capacity

  • Creating efficiency systems

  • Her all or nothing attitude

So… Jessica took action and entered my world as a coaching client. I commended Jessica for investing in herself. I also let her know that in order to see the changes she desired, she’d have to be brave and vulnerable. And boy, was she ever! Jessica willingly poured out her life, business, setbacks, and ideas during our sessions which allowed us to deep dive into limitless possibilities for positive changes. Together, we continuously reflected on what she already accomplished… is in the middle of… made decisions on already… tried that hasn’t worked… tried that has worked… and discussed how her wins can empower her to make decisions on what’s next and where to invest her time. Now equipped with a sounding board and supportive strategies backed by a coach who understands the intricate challenges business owners face, Jessica began investing her time more intentionally. She even dug more design time into her foundation which paved the way for more joy-filled work and higher profitability.

According to Jessica, I gave her the hard truth in areas where she could improve but with empathy and compassion that set the stage for determined action. Jessica is now working more efficiently, touches things less, judges herself less, systemizes more parts of her business so they can practically run themselves, leads her team more confidently, moves through decision making more quickly, and is no longer kicking the can down the road indefinitely because she creates realistic goals for how much she can get done. Instead of setting impossible goals and feeling bad about the 80% of her tasks she couldn’t accomplish as planned, Jessica now schedules only 20% of her work - her most important work that moves the needle forward - and if she is able to accomplish more, great!

Jessica absolutely loves owning her business because it merges her passion for interior design which allows her to be creative and her passion for business which challenges her to grow. She especially loves owning her business now that she’s ironed out many of the challenging kinks. Jessica’s journey to become a better, more impactful business owner has been remarkable to watch - and this chapter of growth all started when Jessica realized she couldn’t go farther on her own and took action to get support via private coaching.

What's Inside Private Coaching:


Prior to starting our 1:1 coaching sessions, you will complete an in-depth online client assessment so I can learn about your business. You will also complete a personality assessment so I can get to know you better, including what makes you tick and what motivates you. These assessments will enable me to create customized coaching and training solutions to meet your precise needs.

Client Onboarding Session

In our 90-minute client onboarding session, I will get to know you and your business in depth because it’s important for me to understand where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go to lay the groundwork for making customized strategies for you and your business.

(12) 1:1 Coaching Sessions (6 months)

Our coaching sessions will be conducted virtually two times per month over a 6-month period. During each 45-minute session, we will cover mastering your mindset, expanding your skill sets, and building business systems.

We will address your business challenges which may include such topics as:

  • Task, time, and energy management

  • Business systems

  • Being more productive

  • Scheduling

  • Staying motivated

  • Routines

  • Consistently executing

  • Strategic decision making

  • Delegating

  • Spatial organization

  • Meetings

  • Self-limiting beliefs

  • Getting unstuck

  • Electronic organization

  • Hiring

  • Leading your team

I will equip you with customized tools, techniques, and strategies to overcome these challenges and maximize your success.


You will have the option to video record each 1:1 session. That means you can have every awesome tip and helpful strategy discussed during each of your sessions at your disposal forever.

Ongoing Communication

We will utilize an online platform to support our ongoing coaching relationship before, during, and after our coaching sessions. We will use this platform for pre-session check-ins, post-session summaries, regular accountability, and continuous communication.


We often show up differently for others than we do for ourselves. Just as everyone has a preference on how they take their coffee, over the years I have learned not everyone responds to the same method of accountability. I take into account you and your personality - what motivates you and what type of coaching relationship best serves you. I have been referred to as a ‘pitbull dressed as a poodle.’ That means I can be both direct (no BS!) when needed and compassionate when necessary. There is a time and place for both in coaching.

PowerSheets, Practical Guides, And Other Resources

You will be provided straight-forward and actionable resources to support the strategies and techniques being taught during each session.

BONUS: VIP Access Leverage Lab® Program

The bonuses offered are *optional* opportunities to get additional support. Many of my private coaching clients like to pick and choose which of these resources to use to elevate their coaching experience. 

Group Coaching Sessions

Submit your question or opt to sit back and learn from me coaching others in the group. Whether you are being coached or observing others being coached, I guarantee you’ll have breakthroughs.

S.T.O.P. Leverage Formula Masterclasses

Learn effective strategies to leverage your self, time, organization, and people so you can increase profits and reduce stress.

BONUS: VIP Access Conquer Your Email Masterclass

Conquer Your Email is a 3-part masterclass created to help small business owners go from inbox overwhelm to effectively managing an organized inbox that’s easy to maintain. Discover how to process your emails like a pro, organize your hot mess of an inbox, and take back control of it once and for all!

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