235 | Coachable & Actionable: A Client Case Study With Robyn Howard

235 | Coachable & Actionable: A Client Case Study With Robyn Howard
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Client Case Study:

Robyn Howard is as great of a coaching client as they come. She’s extremely coachable, actionable, and comes to every session prepared to unload and strategize so she can get the most out of the sessions and leave with action plans she’s excited to execute. Robyn finds so much joy and freedom in running her business these days but it wasn’t always like that…

A couple of years back, Robyn was running her successful blog content writing agency that supported SEO and digital marketing companies in sourcing blog content for their clients. She was also parenting her two children with special needs who had their own demanding schedules. Robyn was grateful for her full client load but at the same time, she felt like a duck, smooth sailing on the client-facing surface, but paddling for her life beneath the surface. That’s because Robyn was doing most of the work in her business herself and was therefore completely overwhelmed.

Robyn sought support in productivity podcasts, became a listener of mine, and went on to take one of my masterclasses, join my group coaching program, and then become a private coaching client. Together, we dove deep and got to the bottom of her overwhelm. Mainly, Robin wasn’t running her business efficiently and she wasn’t using her CEO voice. Instead of investing her time intentionally into the projects and tasks that needed to get done, she was operating in firefighter mode - running from fire to fire to fire, putting most out, getting burned by some. That incessant fighting was wearing on her mind, energy, and passion for her work greatly. She needed to catch her breath. So, we created goals to free up time so she could breathe, minimize the chaos, and reclaim time for marketing and sales so she could pursue her bigger goals.

One place Robyn and I worked on together to reclaim loads of time was in getting clear on who she wanted to serve. A self-proclaimed people pleaser, Robyn had been serving four different types of clients which had made automating her systems and processes difficult. It also made delegating incredibly challenging because there were so many necessary exceptions. She kept so much how-to knowledge in her head that she would constantly get interrupted by her team members asking her how to complete certain tasks or communicate with particular clients. Total time suck.

Once Robyn got clear on the type of client she actually enjoyed serving, she niched down from four different types of clients to one and radical, positive changes occurred. She had far fewer “exception” clients so she was able to automate her systems and processes. She was able to create SOP’s which made delegating much easier. She was able to serve more and better clients because she no longer had to create varied marketing to speak to different types of clients. She reclaimed time for priority tasks and quality time with her kids.  She made major strides in finding her CEO voice which helped her effectively lead her team and increase the business’ revenue. Everything felt so much better after Robyn got really clear on who she wanted to serve and how she could best serve them.

And that was just one of the many areas Robyn and I worked on to alleviate her overwhelm. Robyn now creates her schedule guilt-free and puts out far fewer fires. She’s better able to adapt and reset when her plans get hijacked and she has the bandwidth to dream bigger for herself and her business. Because she’s now intentionally working ON her business, Robyn has reduced the amount of time she spends IN her business from 6+ hours each day to less than 8 hours each week. That change has been transformative. It has been such a pleasure to watch Robyn evolve as a business owner and make running her business more joy-filled. Her journey has truly been an amazing one to partner in, and it’s far from over!

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I sit down for entrepreneurial case study with my awesome client and the  owner of Top Level content, Robyn Howard. We dive into Robyn’s journey as an entrepreneur that led her to want a productivity coach and walk through how her business, team, and personal life transformed since hiring one and choosing to work ON her business instead of IN her business.

  • The Challenges Robyn Faced In Marketing & Sales
  • How She Found Her CEO Voice Through Exploration
  • The Hang-Ups She Had To Get Over For Her Team & Agency To Evolve
  • How She Utilizes The Addition By Subtraction Method
  • So Much More!

Episode Links & Resources:

Hear A Clip From Robyn Smith:

About Guest:

Robyn Howard is the owner of Top Level Content, a blog content writing agency that serves SEO and Digital Marketing Agencies in developing content for their clients.

Robyn also supports private clients with helping them develop and implement blog content strategies that increase visibility and sales through their CARE framework.

Robyn’s team has written 2500+ blog articles that have helped their clients reach over 1.5 million organic visitors in the SERPs and hundreds of 1st page SERP results. 

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