235 | Coachable & Actionable: An Entrepreneurial Case Study With Robyn Howard

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The Challenges Robyn Faced In Marketing & Sales
  • How She Found Her CEO Voice Through Exploration
  • The Hang-Ups She Had To Get Over For Her Team & Agency To Evolve
  • How She Utilizes The Addition By Subtraction Method
  • So Much More!

Meet Robyn.

Wife and mom of two who was a blog content writer turned inner city school teacher turned owner of a successful blog content writing agency (talk about full circle).

When Robyn got her start as an entrepreneur, she was blog content writing and had her own portfolio of information sites. She did extremely well getting visibility to those sites, with one of her sites getting over 100,000 visitors a month. 

She then switched gears and got into another passion of hers: teaching. After two years of working with fourth and fifth graders, however, Robyn realized that teaching was actually not a passion of hers and switched gears again (no regrets).

Robyn got back into blog content writing with an online internship and was asked by the owner of that company to develop content for his portfolio of sites. Through that relationship she made numerous other connections with companies who needed blog content writing services and thus started her company Top Level Content to meet the demand for her services.

Today, Robyn runs her blog content writing agency that supports SEO and digital marketing companies in sourcing blog content for their clients while juggling life as a wife and mom of two awesome kiddos with special needs.

Your entrepreneurial journey may not look like Robyn’s but I have no doubt you face many of the same challenges she does:

  • How and what to delegate

  • Speaking like an leader

  • Creating systems

  • Asking the right questions

  • Managing an inbox

  • Reducing overwhelm

  • Creating boundaries

  • Balancing work and family

That’s because all business owners face similar challenges, no matter what industry they’re in. Robyn was managing her business well enough on her own for many years but she came to a point where she was sick of working IN her business and wanted to work ON her business. And she knew she couldn’t make such a transformation on her own.

When Robyn first came to me for business and productivity coaching, she was completely overwhelmed and feeling run down by her business, despite it being successful on paper. Now, she is leading her team more confidently and effectively, taking action on the high-value activities that grow her business, and running her business in a less-stressed, more purposeful way that brings her joy. 

Robyn is seeing those kinds of results, not just because she works with a coach, but because she is totally coachable and actionable. Coaching is a partnership and Robyn is the kind of partner that shows up in a way that gets results!

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I sit down for entrepreneurial case study with my awesome client and the  owner of Top Level content, Robyn Howard. We dive into Robyn’s journey as an entrepreneur that led her to want a productivity coach and walk through how her business, team, and personal life transformed since hiring one and choosing to work ON her business instead of IN her business.

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About Guest:

Robyn Howard is the owner of Top Level Content, a blog content writing agency that serves SEO and Digital Marketing Agencies in developing content for their clients.

Robyn also supports private clients with helping them develop and implement blog content strategies that increase visibility and sales through their CARE framework.

Robyn’s team has written 2500+ blog articles that have helped their clients reach over 1.5 million organic visitors in the SERPs and hundreds of 1st page SERP results. 

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