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Amber De La Garza, The Productivity Specialist, is a sought-after productivity coach, trainer, speaker, writer, and podcast host who gives you the straight talk on personal productivity.

Her clients range from small business owners to multinational corporations. Amber’s approach is passionate, direct, interactive, and actionable. Attendees leave her speaking engagements with new insights and real productivity strategies to implement immediately. Whether you are in need of a captivating short talk or a dynamic full-day experience, Amber always presents thoughtful, targeted information with a big ROI that will inspire and equip your attendees for greater success.

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Amber is known for giving the
straight talk on productivity.
No B.S., fluff, or over-used jargon.
Just actionable strategies to get results!

Could your audience benefit from improving their personal productivity to reduce stress, reach their goals, and maximize profits?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! Through her presentations, Amber helps overwhelmed business owners and employees power up their productivity so they can conquer their daily demands efficiently and achieve their goals while reducing stress.

Whether a keynote, breakout session, workshop, or training webinar, Amber never fails to give the straight talk on what you need to succeed in business. She passionately empowers your attendees to take consistent, massive, focused action! No B.S., fluff, or over-used jargon.

Ready to speak with Amber about your event?

Amber Gives You The Straight Talk On Productivity…

To Help Your Audience:

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    Maximize Profits
  • check
    Outsell The Competition
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    Dominate The Market
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    Reduce Stress
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    Reclaim Time For What Matters Most

Amber Challenges Her Audiences To:

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    Take Consistent, Massive, Focused Action
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    Dream BIG
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    Align Their Actions With Their Goals
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    Be Purposeful With Their Time
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    Tackle Their Productivity Challenges
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    Seize Each Day

Who Does Amber Speak To?

What Format Is Best For Your Event?

Amber’s presentations range from short talks to full-day experiences.

What Others Are Saying About Amber’s Straight Talks:


Amber was an amazing presenter. For one thing, she was incredibly prepared from the get-go. Her slides and deck were spot on, she knew her audience and prepared what we needed to hear to a tee! She went with the flow, she didn't let a few technical difficulties fluster or interrupt her, she presented flawlessly. Her material was also key. As busy wedding professionals who are primarily self-employed it was great to hear her tactics. I was taking notes feverishly. While she presented she was professional and also approachable. I know everyone had an amazing experience!


McKenzi Taylor

Director of Communications, Taylored Photo Memories


Amber De La Garza is a consummate professional.  Just listening to her speak, one can readily discern she has mastered the art of productivity.  This competence combined with her character inspired immediate trust.  Our audience of 30 professionals listened intently to everything she shared with us and I’m confident that everyone walked away with something valuable.  I found Amber to be very amiable, present, and purposeful with everyone she interacted with.  For these reasons, I have no reservations in recommending Amber to those who need a no-nonsense, effective approach to increasing their productivity.


Joseph Leo Anderson

Chapter President, BYU Management Society


The MGM Grand Sales team asked Amber to speak at our End of Year Divisional Meeting and she was absolutely fantastic! Amber made an effort to reach out to a few of our team members to better understand our values and culture, and then used what she learned to make her presentation more personal and impactful. I would definitely recommend Amber – she was professional, enthusiastic, and truly cared about delivering a speech that our team could learn and grow from.


Ernest Stovall

VP of Sales, MGM Grand Sales Team

Amber's Straight Talks:

Reclaim Your Time With Time Maximizers: Stop Being Busy & Start Being Productive

Workplace Organization: Principles, Strategies, And Tactics To Get And Stay Organized

The Secret Multiplier Of The TIME = MONEY Formula

Smart Strategies To Be Less Stressed & More Profitable

Time Blocking: How To Make It Your Productivity Superpower

Bookending Your Day: Creating Routines To Maximize Your Success

The Truth About Productivity: Common Myths Debunked & Strategies For Success

Productivity + Profitability: Why You Need Both To Succeed In Business

Timeless Work Habits To Set Yourself Up For Success!

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Amber De La Garza

Amber De La Garza, The Productivity Specialist, is a sought-after productivity coach, trainer, speaker, writer, and podcast host who gives you the straight talk on personal productivity and helps you take consistent, massive, focused action in business.

Amber is passionate about her message that improved personal productivity will help you reduce stress and maximize your profits while reclaiming time for what matter most. She presents her message as Straight Talks across the United States and equips each audience with specific tools and techniques to be more productive, more effective, and more successful.

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