166 | Adopting An And Mindset To Transform Your Business: A Raw Look Behind The Scenes With LuAnn Nigara

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The Self-Limiting Belief That Was Holding LuAnn Back In A Big Way
  • How She Reclaimed Balance While Showing Up In Her Business
  • The Fruitful Ways Adopting An And Mindset Changed Her Life
  • Her #1 Lesson Learned Through Productivity Coaching
  • So Much More!

Have you ever believed something to be true for such a long time that your mind was totally blown when you found out it was not true?

And I’m talking about something bigger than all of these “I was today years old when I learned that…” memes floating around social media (don’t get me wrong – those are often funny and worth looking into).

But seriously, I mean mind blowing - like learning the Earth is not flat kind of mind blowing.

My awesome and successful client LuAnn has. She had a strongly held belief that kept her working seven days a week for four years. Her belief was that she 100% had to be the person doing certain aspects of her high-value activity. No ands, ifs, or buts about it. No delegating permitted. She had convinced herself that her entire business would come crashing down if she did not do XYZ each week all…on…her…own. She enjoyed the work so she didn’t really mind giving her weekends away to that part of business (or so she thought).

LuAnn’s belief became more and more ingrained over those four years because she had normalized living such an unbalanced life in which she was working four to six hours on Saturdays and Sundays after working five, long weekdays straight. Sure, she missed time with her family, friends, and passions but the sacrifice for the growth of her business was worth it.

Her only-I-can-do belief only became a noticeable problem when doing XYZ wasn’t enough. She ambitiously wanted to take on doing JKL as well and there was zero time left in her days. The math didn’t work out. Something had to go but XYZ still had to get done and the product could not be compromised.

That’s when I stepped in to dismantle LuAnn’s strongly held belief and help her adopt an and mindset. It took some convincing and a lot of arm pulling but eventually, my mission succeeded. I, along with some awesome copywriters, proved to LuAnn that her long-held belief was totally false. With her new mindset, LuAnn reclaimed time for JKL, got her weekends back, and what do you know? Her business flourished. Mind blown!

But don’t take it from me. Tune in to this week’s special episode of Productivity Straight Talk in which I am interviewed by Window Works Co-Owner LuAnn Nigara but she is in the hot seat. We discuss what it is really like to be coached on productivity but not in the way you might think… We don’t talk about the features of coaching but instead, the raw process of confronting different challenges, navigating the breaking of long-held, self-limiting beliefs, and taking strategic action.

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About Guest:

LuAnn began her career more than thirty years ago as a co-owner of Window Works, an award-winning window treatment and awning retailer in Livingston, NJ. She’s also host of the top-rated interior design podcast, A Well-Designed Business® Her podcast was recently named in Architectural Digest as one of the top ten podcasts listened to by designers, is the definitive resource for interior design professional interest in operating a profitable business.

LuAnn is a sought-after speaker and Author of several book including Her first book, The Making of A Well-Designed Business®, her second book, A Well-Designed Business®, The Power Talk Friday Experts as well as her upcoming book that I am also a co-author in A Well-Designed Business®, The Power Talk Friday Experts Vol 2 coming out in November. 

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