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Hello! I’m Amber De La Garza, The Productivity Specialist!

I help small business owners maximize profits, reduce stress, and make time for what matters most by improving their time management and elevating their productivity. I’m a coach, trainer, speaker, and writer, host of the Small Business Straight Talk Podcast and creator of Leverage Lab®.

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Productivity guru, kind spirit, and a wicked smart lady


Amber is a gem! Productivity guru, kind spirit, and a wicked smart lady. Her coaching and support helped me tremendously! She had a way of getting to the true core of my challenges, something I was not able to see on my own. As someone who is also fairly organized and loves all things productivity, I was thrilled to find a kindred spirit, where we would speak in short-hand, finish each other’s sentences, and just really get each other. It was a gift and a blessing to work with Amber, whom I continuously recommend to my peers

Vita Vygovska Owner

Amber is the "real deal"


I was stuck and overwhelmed trying to manage my time and being successful demanded more effort than I had time. I needed to learn how to work smarter! After listening to Amber’s podcast, I knew she was the "real deal" when it comes to mastering time and productivity, things I really wanted to transform.

Amber's expertise, coaching, and tools helped me get clarity on what actually needs to get done each day and implement the best productivity and time management interventions for me! Our 1:1 sessions were always focused on my real concerns and ended with clear actions and next steps. Since starting coaching with Amber, I have changed my behaviors, implemented helpful task management programs and time tracking tools, and greatly improved my time management and productivity which has resulted in much less stress and overwhelm!

Business coaching: the key ingredient to growth and success


I was the classic over-worked business owner. Coming home late, never finishing projects, pulled in a million directions at once. Fast forward to today – I now have a daily schedule; tasks get done and things don’t drop through the cracks. I spend time each week working on business development rather than chasing my tail to just keep the business running. I delegate better, feel calmer and most importantly – spend time with my wife and my son. Amber has been instrumental in developing systems so I can run and grow the business I want and be the husband and father I promised myself to be. Amber has become an integral part of my team. She communicates ideas and concepts extremely well and is an excellent motivator. She now also works with my key management staff, which has helped them professionally and personally. If I could sum up my coaching sessions – I would say coaching is a business asset that is a key ingredient to growth and success.

Life changing results!


I hired Amber because I knew her expertise would help me gain control of my schedule and elevate my business. Our work together has been life changing and has allowed me to manage my time better and streamline my commitments. I highly recommend working with Amber if productivity, time, or email management is something you struggle with.

Jamie Lieberman Owner of HashTag - Legal, LLC

Solutions to my roadblocks


As a coach, Amber has a no-nonsense approach and a strong ability to hold you accountable. She called me out when necessary and never failed to dive deep into the nitty gritty to find solutions to my roadblocks.

My calendar used to be a mess and I was never able to keep up with the deluge of work. I had so much on my schedule that I worked late nights to get it all done. Amber helped me differentiate between what tasks needed my attention and what tasks just ate up my time that I could offload or just weren’t important. I started prioritizing, delegating, and creating white space for what matters most.

Amber provided all the tools to effectively manage my time and be a productive business owner. Now, when I come across something that I instinctively want to tackle right away (like an email that requires more than a simple response), I ask myself, ‘does this really need to be addressed right now? If not, can it wait until my Power Hour later in the week?’ That one habit keeps me on task and gives me so much more freedom!

Janelle Blakely Photopoulos Owner & Principal Designer

Huge benefits to my productivity!


I love Leverage Lab® and am learning so much! I joined because I enjoyed the Productivity Straight Talk Podcast and the Email Masterclass. I felt overwhelmed with the way things were going and wanted some productivity strategies to help me manage my business and life better. Amber takes her time answering all my questions and gives well thought-out solutions to try. Power Planner has especially been a game changer for me. I'm still working on implementing it fully but can already see how planning my week effectively and being in execution mode has hugely benefits my productivity.

Always brought her A game!


I was struggling with how to make my business run like a well-oiled machine. I did not have my processes in place yet. I was struggling to understand the bookkeeping. I was putting out fires left and right. I wasn’t getting enough sleep and I was so busy all day but getting very little done. The amount of hats I wore was making it tough to get it all done.

Amber always brought her "A" game to the coaching calls. We started with productivity strategies but it always turned into broader topics she could help with, as well. I learned how to time block, which was the biggest help! I learned when to hire, how to get finances in a better position, and how to set realistic and stretch goals. I also learned where my bookkeeping was going completely out of whack (and yes I'm on bookkeeper #3) and learned that my work time was valuable enough that it made sense to hire support at home. So, I not only hired a housekeeper to come a couple of times a month but hired a personal assistant to help with picking up/taking kids to school/practices, starting dinner, folding laundry, etc. That way my time at home was quality time with my family and my time at the office was focused on work. Overall, I cannot say enough great things about Amber and her coaching!

Stacey Dobrovolny Owner/Principal Designer