327 | Preparing To Sell Your Business: Practical Approaches With Malcolm Peace

327 | Preparing To Sell Your Business: Practical Approaches With Malcolm Peace
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  • 327 | Preparing To Sell Your Business: Practical Approaches With Malcolm Peace

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How Malcolm Got Into Buying Businesses 
  • Why You Might Want To Consider Selling Your Business Down The Line 
  • What Metrics Business Buyers Look At 
  • Malcolm’s Framework Evaluating A Business 
  • The Importance Of Being Centralized Vs. Decentralized   
  • Why Constant Recruiting Is A Necessary Part Of Business Ownership  
  • Where To Sell Your Business  
  • So Much More!

Whether you’re a newer business owner with a few years under your belt or a seasoned business owner with decades of experience running your business and the ample profits to show for it, you’ve probably thought about your endgame, even if only for a fleeting moment. If not, it’s time to start considering your exit plan, despite whatever phase of business ownership you’re in. And that’s because should you want to sell your business in the future, the decisions you make today, tomorrow, and every day afterward will greatly influence how easy the process of selling your business will be, as well as whether you’ll be successful in that endeavor at all. 

Not every business is worth buying and predictability in revenue is hardly the only thing potential buyers look at. Far from it. Many variables are involved, many of which are totally within your control. Should you want to sell your business down the line because you wish to retire, you’re faced with complicated life challenges like a divorce, death, injury, or irreconcilable differences with your partner, end of life, or you simply lose interest in your business, preparing for its sale now is not only wise, it’s necessary.

To further prove that point and offer strategies on preparing to sell your business, I sit down with experienced business buyer and the founder of Tsetserra Growth Partners, Malcolm Peace, for this week’s episode of the Small Business Straight Talk Podcast. We dive into how you can best plan, prepare yourself, and stabilize your business now to ensure you’ll be able to sell it when the timing is right.

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About Guest:

Malcolm Peace is making Texas feel smaller with his fantastic work with small to midsize businesses throughout the state. His company, Tsetserra Growth Partners, works with well-established businesses with owners who are just about to retire but still want to see their businesses thrive. Malcolm and his team helped rewrite the operating playbook while maintaining the owner’s culture with a strong succession plan. With their experience and focus on operational excellence, they strive to double the company’s revenue in just two short years. The work is intensive, but Malcolm and his team put all the tools in place to give the owner peace of mind that their business will grow for years to come.

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