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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • What A Business System Is
  • The Results Of Not Having Effective Systems 
  • The Benefits Of Having Business Systems 
  • Where To Start Creating Systems 
  • The Key To Creating Systems 
  • So Much More!

Do you ever feel like you’re running a circus instead of a business? Perhaps one where you, the ringmaster (business owner), has lost control of the specialty acts (clients) and they seem to be running the show?

Such loss of control can cause insane levels of overwhelm and stress, and really just make you want to run away from the circus, ahem, your business.

From my experience working with clients for over 13 years, I can tell you that business owners who have lost control of their business can often trace the root cause of the disorganization and chaos they’re experiencing back to a lack of business systems. 

Systems are an important set of processes, procedures, and routines that work together to create a desired and consistent outcome, i.e., a smooth-running, profitable business.

A lack of systems is not good for you, your business, your team members, or your clients and can result in:

  • Team members not knowing how to do their job

  • Chaos and repetitive fires that need putting out

  • Inconsistency in products and client servicing

  • Operational inefficiency thus reduced profits 

  • Wasting time trying to figure out what’s next when completing recurring tasks and projects

  • A multitude of errors

  • Difficulty delegating

  • Not being able to take time off because the business can’t run in your absence

  • Stifled business growth

  • Not being able to hold your team accountable because you don’t know what to hold them accountable for

  • And possibly the most important… a loss of control of your business to your clients who run the show (as mentioned before). They call the shots, determine how your services are delivered, decide how and when they communicate with you and your team, choose when they pay, and ignore your boundaries because… what boundaries?!

If you lack effective systems in your business or desire strategies for fine-tuning them so you can gain more control, diminish overwhelm, and run a more efficient, profitable business, I invite you to dive into this episode of Productivity Straight Talk!

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