267 | Changing The Game Of SOPs & Processes With Jennifer Smith

267 | Changing The Game Of SOPs & Processes With Jennifer Smith
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  • 267 | Changing The Game Of SOPs & Processes With Jennifer Smith

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Why It’s Important To Document Your Processes
  • How Key Man Risk Comes Into Play
  • How To Lower Your Resistance To Creating SOPs

  • Best Practices For Rolling Out SOPs With Your Team
  • How Scribe Helps You Create & Update SOPs  
  • So Much More!

Back in December, someone called me out on an image I had posted to Instagram, saying part of the copy was wrong. Ouch! I revisited the post to see if I had misspoken or what. Here’s the copy in question:

Does creating an SOP take time? Yes. Tons of energy? Yes. Is it boring? Yes. Is it worth it! YES! YES! YES!⁠

In one word, an SOP creates reliability. Once it's been created, you can rely on team members or even yourself to step in and complete just about any task in your business by simply following the clear-cut directions.⁠

That means there's no skipping a beat when an important team member is out for weeks for a medical condition, vacation, or accident.⁠

That means you'll have a much easier time training new team members should someone need to be let go or if they just up and quit on you.⁠.. (blah blah blah).

Okay, so you know my stance on SOPs. They’re important. They’re necessary. They can save your ass!

So what did Jennifer Smith decide was so wrong about that post? Well, the part about SOPs being boring to create!

And she would know! Jennifer is the CEO of Scribe, a company that is seriously changing the game of SOPs and processes. She has also interviewed over 1,200 business leaders about their SOPs and processes. Scribe’s innovative software can automatically create SOPs, complete with screenshots, instructions, and clicks in just 56 seconds. So yeah, I’ll take it on the chin and admit I was wrong. Creating SOPs doesn’t have to be boring. It can be quick, fun, and rewarding! 

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I sit down with Jennifer Smith to dive into her world of SOPs and processes and discuss how Scribe is working to make every business professional’s day better by making them more efficient and their days run more smoothly. 

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About Guest:

If Jennifer Smith is right, the way anyone shares how-to knowledge is about to change forever. A former VC and McKinsey consultant turned accidental CEO, she interviewed more than 1,200 business leaders on a quest to understand everything there is to know about processes, best practices, and productivity. Now with her startup Scribe, she’s empowering people to own their processes by building the world’s first operating system for know-how.

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