023 | The Practice Of Guilt-Free Self-Care

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Why It’s Necessary To Indulge In Self-Care Even When It Doesn’t Seem Feasible
  • The 2 Types Of Self-Care You Should Unselfishly Practice
  • Ways You Can Ensure Your Self-Care Needs Are Met
  • So Much More!

In this episode, I venture a little outside the topic of productivity to talk about an essential activity entrepreneurs need to spend more time indulging in – self-care. I discuss what happens when you don’t take care of yourself consistently, the snowball effect that occurs when you do, and the smart investment that has a priceless ROI every time.

I also lay out examples of self-care that could provide you the rejuvenation you need, how to recognize when you need to switch gears and indulge in radical self-care, and the type of self-care that is potentially harmful.

I hope you enjoy my episode on self-care and encourage you to pursue a self-care routine. Now let’s jump right in and get to the straight talk!

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Amber De La Garza

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Amber De La Garza is The Productivity Specialist! Amber helps small business owners maximize profits, reduce stress, and make time for what matters most by improving their time management and elevating their productivity! Amber is a sought after coach, trainer, speaker, writer, host of the Small Business Straight Talk Podcast, and creator of Leverage Lab®.

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