134 | Hardwired To Multitask

134 | Hardwired To Multitask

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Why You’re Hardwired To Multitask
  • The Damage It’s Causing In Your Business
  • How To Recognize Your Triggers
  • The Antidote To Multitasking
  • So Much More!

If you were to sit down at a roulette table right now with a bunch of chips, what’s your go-to strategy?

Do you spread all of your chips as thinly as possible, placing a chip on every single number?

Or do you put a handful of chips each on a few different numbers, knowing the payoff would be much greater should one of your numbers hit (35 to 1 to be exact)?

If you’re a newbie, you might think spreading your chips out all over the table like icing on a cake is a good gambling strategy but in reality, it’s not. The payoff would only cover your bet. Plus, your “strategy” might piss off the dealer and everyone else at the table.

Why the gambling lesson?

Because multitasking in business is just like that!

The payoff would be much greater if you put all your focus, time, and energy into one task at a time instead of spreading it across multiple tasks, trying to accomplish them all at once.

Multitasking as a strategy always fails and when you’re gambling on the success of your business, don’t you want to win?

In this week’s episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I dive into the topic of how most of us are hardwired to multitask and how our submission negatively affects our ability to level up our business. I also discuss ways to stop multitasking in its tracks and execute the antidote.

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