129 | Examining The Productivity-Comfort Connection

129 | Examining The Productivity-Comfort Connection
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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How Discomfort Affects Your Productivity
  • Why The Issue Of Comfortability Is Two-Fold
  • What NASA Has To Say About the Productivity-Comfort Connection
  • Why You Don’t Want To Be Too Comfortable Either
  • So Much More!

Picture this.

I’m in an office supply store – you know the one – walking around, sitting in every single chair on the floor, one by one by one, trying to figure out which one suited me best.

I felt like Goldilocks.

Remember her? She ventured into a bear’s house and tried out their porridge, chairs, and beds. She refused to settle for too hot, too cold, too hard, or too soft. She kept sampling until she found one of each that was “just right.”

Well, I was on a Goldilocks mission that cold fall day in the office supply store.

I was done settling for my office chair that kept me slouching uncomfortably and made my back ache by noon each day.

I wanted an office chair that was “just right.” One that didn’t require a heating pad as a supplementary purchase.

I was on a mission for comfort because I had reached my tolerance threshold and am fully aware of the productivity-comfort connection. I was fed up being uncomfortable and sick of settling for less than my best work because of my chair.

Now, if being comfortable at work just meant having a fancy, ergonomic chair to sit in, we’d probably all be sittin’ pretty and comfortable but many other factors go into our comfortability while working.

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, we examine several of them. I walk you through steps you can take with little effort to eliminate your discomfort while working so you can more easily get in your zone, stay focused, and be productive.

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Amber De La Garza

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