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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How Effective Time Management Starts With Your Mindset
  • Why You Must View Every Minute As An Investment
  • How Your Relationship With Time Affects Your Ability To Manage It
  • The Affirmation I Say To Keep My Relationship Healthy
  • So Much More!

Let’s play a game…

How is your relationship with your spouse?

Your Dad?

Your Mother-in-law?

Your oldest kid?



That last one was hard to answer, wasn’t it?

You may have never considered the fact that you have a relationship with time but you do, just as you do with money. And when you spend your time on something, you’re making an investment, just as you do with money.

If I audited your bank account. I could tell you what you value, whether that’s date nights at expensive restaurants, a private school education, a particular cause or philanthropy, movie nights, vacations, or Fortnite skins. Where you spend your money reflects your goals of having a healthy marriage, an educated daughter, or a world with less homelessness.

If I audited your calendar, I could do the same. Based on where your time is spent, I could tell you what your goals are because that’s where you’re spending most of your time.

Or is it?...

It certainly should be but do your time investments align with your goals and where you want to take your business?

Or are you a victim of your time?

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, we get to the bottom of those questions. I lead you on a path of examining your relationship with time so you can determine how you’re investing it, how that’s affecting your business, and how you can improve your relationship with time so you can invest it more wisely and see significant returns in your business in and life.

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Amber De La Garza

About the author

Amber De La Garza is The Productivity Specialist! Amber helps small business owners maximize profits, reduce stress, and make time for what matters most by improving their time management and elevating their productivity! Amber is a sought after coach, trainer, speaker, writer, host of the Small Business Straight Talk Podcast, and creator of Leverage Lab®.

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