331 | Living In Alignment With Your Personal Priorities With Molly Asplin

331 | Living In Alignment With Your Personal Priorities With Molly Asplin
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  • 331 | Living In Alignment With Your Personal Priorities With Molly Asplin

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Molly’s Definition Of Success 
  • The Powerful Castle-Moat Analogy 
  • The Benefits Of Setting Goals Outside Your Business 
  • Strategies For Attaining More Balance 
  • The Gratitude Practice That Bookends Molly’s Day  
  • The First Step To Expanding Your Vision Of Success  
  • So Much More!

Molly Asplin’s entrepreneurial journey started out just like many others’ small business owners’ journeys - in corporate America. She climbed the corporate ladder in accounting and thought that was her rightful path, until she didn’t. Seven years in, Molly came to the realization that although she was smashing her career goals, she wasn’t living in alignment with her other dreams and goals for herself. Her life felt increasingly disjointed.

Molly had a visceral, gut feeling that being a successful accountant wasn’t what she was supposed to do for the rest of her life. She was also wise enough to know that not living in alignment with her personal priorities was a recipe for burnout. So, she started something on her own on the side as a passion project. That project grew into a full-time business and now she not only runs a successful business mentoring and health coaching business, but she also feels more in balance, less neglectful, and more fulfilled.

In this episode of the Small Business Straight Talk Podcast, I sit down with Molly Asplin to dive into the importance of living in alignment with your personal priorities and not just your business goals, so you can feel more in balance and find fulfillment beyond traditional measures of success!

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About Guest:

After 7 years of working in corporate finance, Molly found herself waking up every morning thinking “there has to be something more”. While she loved her coworkers and her company, she wanted to directly impact the lives of others. She was feeling complacent and surface-level happy, and she knew there was something more that she wanted to give. She found herself wanting more freedom in her daily schedule — freedom to create something meaningful with work that made her passionate and excited.

Looking for a solution, she started working on herself — her nutrition, fitness, and daily personal development. She found that these daily habits created productivity, energy, and opened her eyes to a future career.

Today Molly coaches other women on how to start businesses to create more fulfillment in their lives. She is a firm believer in helping women create options for their families - financial flexibility, location flexibility, and time flexibility - so that they wake up every morning feeling peace, excitement, and purpose.

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