289 | Using AI To Hire For The Skills Your Business Needs With Robyn Grable

289 | Using AI To Hire For The Skills Your Business Needs With Robyn Grable
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  • 289 | Using AI To Hire For The Skills Your Business Needs With Robyn Grable

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Why Task-Focused Job Descriptions Don’t Work 
  • Why Job Boards Are No Longer Cutting It 
  • Where To Find Quality Candidates If Not Indeed.com 
  • Ways AI Can Be Utilized In Hiring  
  • How Robyn’s AI For Hiring Business Works 
  • So Much More!

What if I told you that your job description for an important role in your business (one you need to hire for asap) that you posted to all the popular online job boards is actually filtering out the best candidates for the role? 

Ouch! That would be a huge waste of your time, money, and energy, right?

It sure would. And yet, according to hiring expert, Robyn Grable, that is exactly what most job descriptions are doing.


Well, one of the main reasons is most job descriptions are task-based and match up with candidates who have experience in those exact tasks, filtering out the candidates that don’t even when they are highly qualified for the role. Here’s a simple example Robyn used to get her point across with me: 

If you’re in the logging business and ask a candidate if they’ve chopped down a tree before, they might say no and so you toss their resume. Instead, you could ask if they’ve ever used a saw, if they can do mathematical calculations, if they enjoy working with their hands, if they enjoy being outdoors, if they willingly abide by safety laws, and voila! You might discover you found the perfect prospect for the job.

Finding the right talent for your business doesn’t have to be complicated but you do need to get creative in the questions you ask. You can’t keep using antiquated processes and expect different results. Today, you can utilize AI to make hiring even simpler. AI can source the internet for good candidates in the blink of an eye. Want to know more about using AI to successfully source, recruit, and hire quality talent? Tune into this week’s episode of Productivity Straight Talk in which I interview Robyn Grable, the Founder and CEO of Talents ASCEND to discuss alternative hiring strategies that work.

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About Guest:

Robyn Grable is the Founder and CEO of Talents ASCEND which she created to help employers invest in a skills-based talent acquisition strategy that is an intentional model of inclusivity for military talent, people with disabilities and justice-involved candidates.

An award-winning advocate, speaker, author, entrepreneur, CEO,and proud Navy veteran Robyn Grable uses her diverse pursuits as a mission of service with a passion to give voice for underserved talent to be included. Her unwavering commitment is well-served by 30 years of private sector human resources after nine years of service in the U.S. Navy. Her ongoing study of America’s workforce has made her a leading voice on advocacy, removing barriers and providing connections to successful employment for underserved talent. In recognition of her work,

Robyn was named among the 2023 GSA Women of Influence and a 2023 Veteran Champion of the Year in Corporate America by G.I. Jobs Magazine.

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