278 | The Magical Power Of A Reset

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • What A Reset Is 
  • When You Should Do A One 
  • Culprits That Create A Need For A Reset 
  • 3 Steps To Doing A Reset 
  • The Most Important Aspect Of A Reset  
  • Common Opportunities For A Reset  
  • So Much More!

Remember the original Nintendo? I sure do. It monopolized many nights in my youth.

Today’s Nintendo Switch doesn’t hold a candle to the OG as far as building character goes. The original didn’t have the convenient save slots of today that enable you to save unfinished games. Back in the 90’s, you played until you either won the game or lost too many lives and died. Then, you’d have to frustratedly start all over from the beginning, hence our Nintendo marathons in the 90’s. Hence, our tenacity was built.

Nintendo knew what they were doing when they designed the game system. They put two buttons right there on the front panel for easy access: the POWER button and the RESET button. The POWER button was used to turn the machine on and off, an obvious must for all computers. The RESET button was a whole different story. The masterminds at Nintendo created it because they knew we would need to use it over and over again every time a) the system froze or b) we wanted to play again if we didn’t win the whole game. They knew we’d mess up, lose lives, and die numerous times. They knew we’d want to start fresh and give it another go, using our experience as our guide and trying our best not to make the same mistakes so we could (many hours later) finally beat the game. 

Well friends, you don’t need a literal reset button to get a do-over in your business when you make a misstep or even a hardcore mistake. You don’t need anyone’s permission to claim a fresh start when you’ve been working distracted because you haven’t been holding your boundaries, taking on too many things because you haven’t been saying no, or putting out an insane number of fires because you haven’t been planning your day. What you need is to observe when you need a reset, recommit to staying on track, and take the appropriate action so you can get right back on the shortest path to achieving your goals.

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I dive into the what, when, why, and how of doing a reset so you can get right back on track to achieving your goals after falling off track using the magical power of a reset.

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