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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Action Steps To Grow Your Business 
  • Tips For Effectively Optimizing Those Steps 
  • Advice For Honing Your Priorities In Order To Make The Best Choices 
  • The 1 Reassuring Certainty You Can Always Count On 
  • Strategies For Planning When The Future Is Uncertain  
  • How Founders Can Benefit From A Fractional COO  
  • What Leaders Should Intentionally Move Away From  
  • So Much More!

You can set all the goals you want.

You can create strategic action steps to achieve those goals. 

You can work your butt off executing those steps to a tee yet still not achieve them.

Why? One main reason is there are so many outside variables affecting your outcome.

As a business owner, you do have control over a lot of things: who you hire, who your clients are, who your vendors are, your schedule, your rates, the technology you use, the amount of income you bring home, how hard and long you work, and what projects you work on, to name a few.

You don’t have control over the market, the economy, the political climate, or a pandemic suddenly sweeping the globe (remember that nightmare?). Get this: One of my online business friends spent nearly a year planning her very first in-person conference for 2020. That ship sank real fast in March of 2020 despite the time, energy, money, and effort she had put into marketing the event, selling tickets, booking speakers, and panning every last detail to ensure it was a huge success. Agh!

And I’ve heard so many similar stories of how business owners had to pivot, scrap projects, and flip their business models upside down when an unexpected event occurred that they had no control over. The fact is… the future is uncertain on so many levels. Yes, planning is essential but it’s also essential to plan for the unexpected by equipping yourself to weather any storm that comes your way so you can continue achieving your goals and growing your business.

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I sit down with the Owner of Build Scale Grow, Benjamin Friedman, to dive into 5 practical ways to make scaling your business in uncertain times less daunting, less challenging, less lonely, and quite simply, more achievable!

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About Guest:

Benjamin Friedman has been helping tech founders build, scale, and grow their startups for over two decades. His work leading business operations and finance led to many successfully completed mergers and acquisitions, equity raises, and debt financing. Applying lessons from years of bumpy startup rides, Benjamin started his own company in 2019 to help founders address gaps in capacity, scale quickly, and grow exponentially. He recently published a modular handbook, Scale: Reach Your Peak, that offers over 130 articles on leadership, growth, sales, marketing, operations, finance, and teams. In five minutes, learn what you don’t know.

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