254 | Make It A NO-vember To Remember

254 | Make It A NO-vember To Remember
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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Why Embracing Opportunities Can Be Detrimental To Your Pursuit Of Success
  • How Overcommitting Outside Your Business Prevents You From Showing Up In It
  • What Activities You Should Consider Saying No To
  • So Much More!

Every seasoned entrepreneur knows there’s an ebb and flow to their business.

It’s cyclical. There are seasons of high production, education, innovation, planning, contentment, and growth to name a few.

When you’re in rapid growth mode, your energy is no doubt soaring and you’re trying new things.
It’s normal to say yes to everything when you’re focused on growth because anything you haven’t tried yet could be the one ingredient your previous recipe for success was missing… or so you tell yourself.

I’ve been there. I’ve grasped at different opportunities, ideas, and partnerships all at the same time before, in a dedicated effort to accelerate my business. I’ve been totally guilty of weighing myself down with too many projects to be able to move forward at a significant speed with any one of them.

It’s normal to say yes to shiny objects that have the potential to increase the trajectory of your business but healthy? Not when it means overcommitting your self, time, energy, mental bandwidth, or other resources. Remember, not all shiny objects are diamonds. Some are knives.
When you’re overcommitted, it’s nearly impossible to show up at your best IN your business, IN the things that ARE working.

Spend too much time at the restaurant glancing around at what everyone else is eating and your perfectly cooked steak will go cold.

In this week’s episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I dive into the idea that you should say no to anything that’s not serving you so you can free up your time and energy for the activities that do!

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