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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How The Thought I Should Have Know This Affects Your Mindset
  • How It Also Consequently Impacts Your Business
  • The Phrase You Should Be Saying To Yourself Instead
  • So Much More!

Oh joy!

Your kid’s youth group schedules a parent-child camping weekend. You’re not really the camping type (the last time you slept in a sleeping bag you were ten years-old) but your kid really wants to go so you register and head to Target to buy a tent.

Two weeks later, you roll up to the campsite fully equipped to pitch your tent, toast some marshmallows, and score some major cool points with your kid. You open the tent bag expecting to find a tent but instead you find a tent, a rainfly, guy lines, pole hubs, pole clips, door tie backs, and stakes - none of which you know what to do with. Thankfully, you also find the instructions.

You get to work reading the instructions while your kid runs off with their friends to find kindling, whatever that is. You glance up two pages and eight steps later when you want to rip your hair out and see every other tent already pitched perfectly and all the parents sitting at picnic tables drinking what you now secretly hope is alcohol. Your first thought is, NOBODY thought to help me? Your second thought is, I should have known how to pitch a tent.

Later on in the evening and in between red solo cups of Minute-Maid lemonade, you also say such phrases to yourself as, I should have known how to read a compass and I should have known how to build a fire.

I know the phrase I should have known… far too well. I hear it from my new clients all the time when they discuss their challenges with time management and productivity.

Feeling you should have known how to manage your time and be productive as a business owner can lead to feelings of embarrassment and shame… but it shouldn’t! No one came out of the womb knowing how to delegate, prioritize tasks, or plan their day. Those are learned skills and you can totally learn them with a bit of effort, just like pitching a tent.

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I discuss what you can be doing instead of beating yourself up thinking “I should have known this…” to empower yourself to take action, fill the gaps in your knowledge and skill sets, and grow your business.

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