197 | Bad-Ass Business Systems: Exposing The Secret Behind Franchise Success Stories

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The True Engine Powering Every Successful Business
  • How To Provide Clients With Consistent Experiences
  • Why Business Systems Can Make Or Break Your Business
  • How To Get Started With Business Systems
  • So Much More!

Carl’s Jr. Burger King. Whataburger. Checker’s. Sonic. Jack In The Box. Wendy’s.

Americans are no strangers to fast food chains and the convenience of drive-thru service.

I can’t say I frequent such chains but when I’m in the mood for a nice, juicy burger, I know right where I’m heading - In-N-Out.

There’s a reason Nation’s Restaurant News ranked In-N-Out the highest in customer loyalty of any fast food chain nationwide four years ago, with 62% of respondents “saying their last visit… was motivated by the brand and not convenience.”

And you know what the engine powering their successful brand is?

Their bad-ass business systems.

They are the reason for their brand recognition, customer loyalty, and the consistency of their ultra tasty menu items.

One night at In-N-Out, I took a bite of my food and immediately said, “They’ve changed their ketchup.” Sure enough, I looked down at the little packet and it was noticeably different than the last time. Apparently, they switched from using Hunt’s ketchup to sourcing their own.

Another time, my husband popped a few fries in his mouth and knew right away that the fry cook had done too many shake-shakes of the salt onto his fries. For the first time ever, the fries were too salty for his taste buds.

The ONLY reason we noticed these differences is because throughout our numerous other experiences at In-N-Out’s across three states, the chain’s menu items had been extremely consistent in flavor and texture (and so had their customer service from start to finish). 

The same goes for every successful fast food chain. No matter what location you go to, you can expect the same customer experience across the board because their business systems are on point and ingrained into every new hire during training. It’s why customers keep coming back.

Want to design effective business systems that ignite customer loyalty and referrals for your business?

In this week’s episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I dive into the benefits of effective business systems, how they are the inarguable secret ingredient in every popular franchise’s recipe for success, and how you can make them yours, too!

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