121 | Productivity + Profitability: Why You Need Both To Succeed In Business

I unpack the relationship between productivity and profitability, introduce the three “buckets” you need to invest your time in in order to be profitable, and discuss the big problem with living in the “other bucket.”

I also divulge why the proverb “Time is money” is not exactly true, the effects of failing to protect your mindset, and ways I keep my business in check for profitability that if implemented, could have a huge impact on your business’ ability to make money.

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

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    My Unpacked Definition For Productivity
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    What Productivity Is NOT That May Surprise You
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    How Improved Productivity Drives Increased Profits
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    How To Identify 3 High-Priority, Highly Productive Activities You Should Consistently Be Focus​​​​ing O​​​​n
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    ​​​​So Much More!


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I hope you enjoy my episode on profitability and encourage you to take the first step toward making your business more sustainable. Now let’s get to the straight talk!

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Amanda Sorensen - Reply

Hey Amber! Loved this replay. I do not see the download for the High-Value Activity Identifier. Is it somewhere else on your website?

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