117 | Contact Clean-Up: Making This Necessary Evil Profitable

I dive deep into a) how to find, select, and execute on a contact relationship management (CRM) program if you don’t have one and b) how to clean up and fully utilize your CRM if you do. Why? So you can make your database profitable by drumming up business for you.

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

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    The Benefits Of A Contact Management Database
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    How To Select The Best One For Your Business
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    Clean-Up Hacks You’ve Gotta Try
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    How To Make Money Off Your Contact Clean-Up
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    So Much More!


I hope you enjoy my episode on getting started with a CRM and cleaning up your contacts and encourage you to make that commitment today. Now let’s jump right in and get to the straight talk!

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Sara Kappler - Reply

Amber, I just want to say I LOVE this episode. You are spot on about “the best CRM is the one you use consistently”. As a CRM consultant I see this ALL.THE.TIME. keep is simple! Start with the basics. a CRM grows with you.
And so much of what I do in my day to day is just helping to organize the basics, and I see first hand how much VALUE there is in cleaning up the data entrepreneurs already have.
Thank you for putting this out, I will be sharing and referring it to clients!

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