095 | Taking On Your Task Mismanagement: A Strategy Session With Kayce Hodos

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Insight Into Creating A Solid Task Management System
  • How To Carve Out Purposeful Time In Your Schedule And Stick To It
  • Why You Must Treat Your Task List Like Your Boss
  • Best Practices For Using Notifications
  •   Tips To Maximize White Space
  • So Much More!

I sit down with therapist, Kayce Hodos, who specializes in providing support to moms adjusting to their crazy new life with baby. I guide Kayce through a Strategy Session to take her challenges with task mismanagement head on so she can live a less flustered life and run a more productive business.

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About Guest:

Kayce Hodos is a professional therapist in private practice in Wake Forest, NC, specializing in supporting women through their pregnancies and into the mad world of motherhood. After climbing out of her own experience with postpartum anxiety, she discovered a passion for providing hope for new moms as they make the biggest adjustment of their lives. Kayce lives in Wake Forest with her husband, son, and dog.

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