038 | Strategies To Activate Your Productivity Daily With Rachel Wenman

038 | Strategies To Activate Your Productivity Daily With Rachel Wenman
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  • 038 | Strategies To Activate Your Productivity Daily With Rachel Wenman

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Ways To Activate Your Productivity For Positive Results In Your Business
  • Rachel’s 4 Inbox Method Of Processing Email That Enables Prioritization
  • A Great Way To Make Music Work For You And Refocus Your Mind
  • How To Promote Sustained Energy And Enthusiasm Levels Throughout The Day
  • So Much More!

In this episode, I sit down with Rachel Wenman, Co-Founder and Vice President of Urban Seed Inc., a startup that is reinventing and repositioning not just the way we grow food, but the way we provide it from produce to packaging, across the world. Rachel discusses how to activate life flows that lay the groundwork for increased productivity, her typical day wearing many hats in a startup, and ways she effectively sets boundaries as it pertains to her time.

We also talk about how feeling bogged down motivated Rachel to seek life flows activation, the morning routine she slowly cultivated over time that helps her prepare for each day, and how she utilizes intentionally programmed music to activate her motivation and energy and get in the zone.

This was an awesome discussion with Rachel I hope you enjoy. Now let’s jump right in and get to the straight talk!

About Guest:

Plant Powered Superhero· Corporate Athlete · Business Developer · Strategic Planner · Community Organizer

Rachel is a proud native of Las Vegas, a social entrepreneur and activator who believes she can change the world. She thrives on ideas, innovation and humanity. She has received many accolades and notoriety over the past 15 years for her expertise in business development, philanthropy, community organizing, marketing and relationship building. Her work ethic and professional reputation are key attributes to her success. She has been involved in developing brands and companies in industries such as restaurants, hotel/casinos, real estate, philanthropy and technology. Rachel is currently on a very focused mission to change the way the world is fed holding the position as a founder and serving as the Vice President of Urban Seed Inc. a company re-inventing and revolutionizing the way we grow and provide food.

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