037 | Setting Boundaries To Grow Your Business While Keeping Your Sanity

037 | Setting Boundaries To Grow Your Business While Keeping Your Sanity
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  • 037 | Setting Boundaries To Grow Your Business While Keeping Your Sanity

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The Numerous Benefits Of Establishing Boundaries
  • The 5 Most Important Types Of Business Boundaries
  • How To Relay Your Boundaries To New Clients And Employees/Contractors
  • Ways To Enforce Your Boundaries Effectively
  • So Much More!

When you first got your entrepreneurial feet wet and started your business, you may have made yourself available to your clients 24/7. After all, you wanted to stay in business and reap the rewards of an entrepreneurial lifestyle, right? Well, that was really generous of you back then but you probably soon figured out that was not sustainable after working late every day, working weekends, taking calls before your alarm goes off or after you fall asleep, not taking lunches or breaks, not exercising or eating right because you were always working. You realized you were headed for burnout so you changed your ways and created business boundaries.

Creating boundaries? Easy. Implementing them consistently? Not so much.

We tend to let the lines blur as we get further away from the initial consequence that led us to create each specific boundary in the first place. That lackadaisical attitude toward your boundaries can negatively impact your business and cause undue stress.

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I discuss how creating and consistently implementing business boundaries can help you reduce overwhelm and get closer to the elusive work/life balance we all crave along with so many other benefits.

I also provide help on creating boundaries during the different seasons of your life, reveal who you should convey your boundaries to, explain the importance of theme days when it comes to creating effective boundaries, and offer proven methods for implementing boundaries.

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