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Are You Wasting Time On Pointless Activities?

You waste time and you know it. You check Facebook. Watch television. Surf the Internet. You’re hardly alone. Most of us engage in these activities from time to time and are totally aware they’re wasteful uses of our time. I’m not worried about those. We choose to dig those graves and enjoy lying in them. What I’m worried about is the graves we unintentionally dig and fall into haphazardly. You should be worried too! I’m talking about wasting time on repetitive activities that we don’t even realize are wasteful. The good news is it’s possible to recognize those activities, decrease the time it takes to complete them, or totally avoid them altogether. I’ll show you how.

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When Nothing Goes As Planned, Can You Stay On Track?

Have you ever had a day where nothing goes as planned? We all have! Computers break down, cell phones fall in toilets, and children get sick. Life happens. Because you’re determined to be successful (otherwise you’re reading the wrong blog), you’re likely to stress out when you’re unable to be productive. Don’t allow yourself to become frustrated to the point where you lose sight of your goals for the day. You have to stay on track.

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How To Manage Interruptions Effectively

How many times a day are you totally focused on an important task or project, only to be interrupted and kicked out of your focus zone? By the telephone ringing? Others at your office? Maybe an email notification? The consequence of interruptions is that you lose your focus and the time spent managing interruptions, therefore decreasing your productivity.

People don’t intentionally interrupt you throughout the day in an effort to diminish your productivity, but that is unfortunately exactly what occurs – all the time! Shockingly, the average office worker is interrupted 73 times a day while the average manager, every eight minutes. EVERY eight minutes? Think of all the valuable time you lose handling those inevitable interruptions. Many of those common interruptions are actually people. These may include colleagues, employees, and vendors. While controlling people is not really possible, managing interruptions is because we can control how we make ourselves available to them.

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Do You Know What To Delegate?

We often overcommit ourselves to activities that don’t bring us closer to our goals or vision of success. Deciding what to delegate is as easy as recognizing the activities that are not maximizing our success. Stop committing to and engaging in those activities. Instead, start delegating them!

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