333 | The 5 Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes With Marion Wagner

333 | The 5 Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes With Marion Wagner
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  • 333 | The 5 Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes With Marion Wagner

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The Lead Generation Mistakes To Stop Making Today 
  • What Hole You Shouldn’t Allow Yourself To Get Stuck In 
  • When You Should Consider Using Paid Ads For Your Offer 
  • How Often You Should Be Sending Emails 
  • The Highest Converting Lead Generation Strategy  
  • So Much More!

Marion Wagner didn’t start out as a growth income strategist who specializes in lead generation. She started her career as a school psychologist so without kids of her own yet, her summers off left her bored and seeking interesting ways to spend her time. So, 14 years ago Marion decided to start a style blog one summer. It began as a passion project and then she tried to monetize it just as she’d seen so many other successful bloggers do. She wound up putting 40 hours a week into her blog on top of her full-time job with little to show for it. Marion was following best practices for blogging and doing everything she was supposed to and yet she only gained three consistent readers, one of whom was her dad. After a while Marion decided to burn it all to the ground. She scrapped her style blog, found her voice, and started a different blog that she would actually want to read.

Her new blog in her real voice was apparently worthy of more readers because she went from three monthly readers to 250,000 monthly page views in a short time and partnered with popular brands including Adidas, Maybelline, and Wayfair. Once Marion tapped into the world of lead generation, she successfully upleveled her business again and started a second business that grew to six figures in only nine months. Now, Marion makes a living teaching other entrepreneurs how to turn consistent, predictable, cold traffic into paying clients using effective lead generation strategies.

In this episode of the Small Business Straight Talk Podcast, I sit down with income growth strategist Marion Wagner to dive into the major lead generation mistakes many business owners are making and discuss what to do instead to generate leads that convert! 

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About Guest:

Marion Wagner is an Income Growth Strategist for online service based entrepreneurs. In her career, Marion has specialized in helping online entrepreneurs create six-figure game plans without a large following on social media.

In the online space, there are a lot of opportunities to improve or create a new business. Marion teaches a combination of psychological and strategic approaches to transform her clients’ approach toward organic lead gen and income growth. She is the creator of the LEADS System and hosts the Small Audience Big Income Podcast. She lives in Denver, CO with her husband and two children (and 2 high maintenance but equally important dogs).

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