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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Habits & Behaviors That Lead To Burnout 
  • How To Know When An Intervention Is Needed 
  • The Mindshift That Needs To Happen To Course Correct 
  • The Healing Tools You Can Use To Combat Burnout 
  • How Long It Takes To Pull Yourself Out Of Burnout  
  • So Much More!

Charlène Gisèle is a former Big Law litigator who used to pursue performance and productivity at all costs. Like many high-achieving professionals, Charlène was career obsessed to the point of sacrificing her sleep, basic self-care, and even her marriage which ended in divorce. Her health and personal life had to suffer in the name of success… or so she thought.

Once Charlène was able to change her narrow vision about productivity and success, she ventured on a well-being journey to India in which she lived with monks, meditated every day, prayed, and performed chores. The result? Charlène was able to strip her own ego, discovered that her core value is serving others, and came to the conclusion that she could be hyper-ambitious without sacrificing other parts of her life.

 Today, Charlène is a high-performance coach who empowers high-achieving professionals to prevent burnout without having to sacrifice their career, and helps those who have become pessimistic, cynical, and jaded while pursuing success to recover from burnout.

In this episode of the Small Business Straight Talk Podcast, I sit down with Charlène Gisèle, who is respectfully known as The Burnout Prevention Adviser, to dive into burnout prevention strategies as well as tools to help you heal from burnout.

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About Guest:

Charlène is an Award-Winning Keynote Speaker and has built an international reputation as ‘The Burnout Prevention Adviser’, which has earned her global invitations to speak at the most prestigious stages, law firms, and financial services institutions.

Charlène is known for her ability to inspire, engage, entertain, and leave her audiences with strategies to maximize and sustain high performance.

Charlène is a master NLP coach/Burnout Advisor to the leading organization who founded a unique Burnout Blueprint method. She specializes in empowering individuals and businesses to maximize their sustainable potential by optimizing wellness, building resilience, and optimizing performance.

Charlène was featured in many publications and has also appeared on various podcast shows, where she has shared valuable insights and strategies on topics such as biohacking, high performance, burnout prevention, and recovery.

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