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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The Results Of Constantly Going Full-Throttle In Your Business 
  • Why Identifying And Planning Your Seasons Is So Important 
  • What Your Seasons Might Reflect And Why That Matters 
  • How To Schedule For Different Seasons With Intentionality 
  • So Much More!

Whether or not you have kids, has someone ever demonstrated to you how many weekends you have with your kids until they turn 18 and (hopefully) leave the nest?

940. That’s less than 1,000. That’s less than I need.  It sounded okay when my son Erik was a baby. Now he’s 12 and that 940 number is hitting my heart harder than ever because it’s not 940 anymore. It’s 263. People who say, ”Don’t blink because children grow up way too fast” are right. Erik is growing up way too fast and my time to make memories with him while we share the same roof is becoming less and less.

Over time, that 940 number has served as a great reminder to be super intentional with my time with Erik. Intentional with our weekends. Intentional with our summers. Intentional with our holidays. Intentional with how I plan the tasks and projects in my business. That’s because success to me isn’t just running a profitable business that I’m passionate about. Success is also about spending loads of quality time with the people I love who make my life so fulfilling. So, I plan ahead with intentionality, scheduling out the tasks and projects in my business on my calendar to accommodate my weekends, summers, and holidays as I want to experience them with Erik. 

As a business owner, you have the freedom and flexibility to design your own schedule. So what does your schedule reflect - that you live to work or work to live? Imagine how much more fulfilling your life could be beyond running a successful business by setting intentions for each season of your life and scheduling your business calendar to align with them. 

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I dive into how you can do exactly that!

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