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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Why Pursuing Balance Sets Business Owners Up To Fail 
  • What You Should Be Pursuing Instead 
  • The Shocking Truth About Your Capacity 
  • Why We Allow Ourselves To Live Out Of Alignment 
  • What Feeling Out Of Balance Can Reveal  
  • The Life-Changing Miracle Jen Experienced 
  • The Important Why Me? Lesson She Learned 
  • What It Means To Become Iconic 
  • Actionable Advice For Overcoming Guilt 
  • So Much More!

In our never-ending quest for balance, it seems we’re always out of balance. We’re working late and on weekends OR we’re spending quality time with family at the expense of our business. We’re feeling guilty no matter what bold choices we’re making with our limited time and energy. Our brain is often pulled in one direction and our heart in another. We’re living out of balance and it feels yucky. Messy. Stressful. Overwhelming.

Well, my guest on today’s episode of Productivity Straight Talk knows a thing about creating balance and thinks it’s a worthless cause - that there’s no such thing as balance. Her name is Jennifer Szpigiel and she’s the owner and founder of Becoming Iconic®️ which she describes as “the pursuit of becoming the best, fullest version of yourself.” Yourself, the business owner. Yourself, the spouse. Yourself, the parent. Yourself, the friend. Yourself, the human being.

Jennifer believes that in striving to create balance you’re constantly making sacrifices. You’re chopping off a part of your spirit, your self, your vision, and your goals” and living life in a state of imbalance. She says your goal then, should not be to create balance which leaves you feeling unwhole and out of balance, but to seek another state of being, one that thoughtfully blends the different parts of your life and allows you to successfully live a fulfilling AND life.  

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I sit down with Jennifer to dive deep into the ultimate goal of living an AND life and how that can best be achieved by not constantly scrunching in, playing small, or boxing yourself in, but by taking advantage of your infinite capacity that would blow your mind should you choose to play with it.

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About Guest:

Jen Szpigiel has created a multi-million dollar global iconic brand for legendary leadership, life and business. As the owner and founder of Becoming Iconic®️, Jen is infusing years of wisdom, pure-clean energy and proven strategies for the visionaries, legends and entrepreneurs who want to break expired paradigms and shift the narrative within their businesses, relationships and lives. 

As an industry leader, top mentor and podcast host, be ready for Jen to expand you into your full potential as the most epic, vision centric leader for yourself and your legacy.

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