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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • What Operational Efficiency Is & Why It’s Important
  • Where I Created Operational Efficiency In My Business
  • Best Practices For Creating Operational Efficiency In Yours
  • My Top Strategy For Preventing Unnecessary Fires
  • So Much More!

In the last episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I made an analogy comparing having a lack of inefficiency in your business to rowing a boat with holes in it. No matter how strong of a rower you are and no matter how fast you’re rowing, your boat will still sink in a matter of time due to the water inevitably coming on board through the holes.

I spoke on how when you don’t have operational efficiency in your business, it’s like leaks of time, energy, effort, labor, and supplies are sabotaging your long-term success. Having operational efficiency is essential to running your business at peak performance! Taking the time to eat that elephant and create operational efficiency in one area of your business, then the next, then the next, is how you can transform your business into a lean, efficient, client-serving machine that is more profitable, causes you and your team less stress, and is more of a pleasure to run.

So, building upon all that you learned in the last episode, today I’m going behind the scenes of my business to show you exactly how I’ve been creating operational efficiency so you can gain insights on how and where to create more operational efficiency in your business.

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