245 | Lessons Learned From Slowing Down

245 | Lessons Learned From Slowing Down
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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The Belief I Had Around Slowing Down
  • Why I Wanted To Give it A Try Anyway
  • What I Had To Say No To So I Could Slow Down
  • How Slowing Down Got Uncomfortable
  • What I Got Out Of The Experiment
  • So Much More!

I’ve missed you guys. Thanks for sticking around in anticipation of me bringing Productivity Straight Talk back to life!

As promised, I’m back with an awesome lineup of valuable content and interviews this Fall. And I am excited to bring those new episodes to you each week!

In case you’re new, let me catch you up to speed…I paused my long-running podcast at the beginning of the summer.

Why? Because I wanted to explore what slowing down for the summer of 2022 would feel like after identifying a limiting belief I had surrounding slowing down as a business owner that looked a little something  like this:

I guess it was sort of an experiment to see if slowing down would really make my business fall flat on its face in some ways. It was an experiment that led me to also:

  • Work a lot less

  • Move or turn down meetings

  • Not accept speaking engagements

  • Refrain from interviewing on other people’s podcasts

  • Defer all large, optional business projects

  • Not sign up for business conferences 

  • Decline a packed schedule for my kid

My schedule basically did a 180°. Okay, perhaps a 120°. I didn’t close my business and move to France but wow, did it feel different!

Wanna find out how it all turned out and whether I regret my decision to slow down this summer?

Tune in to this episode of Productivity Straight Talk in which I discuss how my business and life were impacted when I made the intentional choice to slow down for a couple of months.

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