239 | Biohacking Your Way To Better Sleep & Less Brain Fog With Tanessa Shears

239 | Biohacking Your Way To Better Sleep & Less Brain Fog With Tanessa Shears
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  • 239 | Biohacking Your Way To Better Sleep & Less Brain Fog With Tanessa Shears

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • What Brain Fog Is & How It Shows Up To Plague Your Business
  • How To Combat Immense Brain Fog
  • What Biohacking Is & How To Get Started
  • What Vision You Need To Be Selling Yourself On
  • The Magical Result When You Maintain A Consistent Bedtime
  • How “Social Jet Lag” & REM Sleep Affect Your Mood & Patience
  • Ways To Improve Your Sleep Right Away 
  • How Long It Takes To Biohack Yourself Out Of Sleep Deprivation
  • So Much More!

If you’ve been listening to Productivity Straight Talk for a while, I imagine you’ve heard a thing or two I’ve said that you didn’t agree with. That’s great! I’m glad my listeners aren’t mindless sheeple but are intelligent, capable beings who have independent thoughts and opinions. Can the two of us agree on the following though…?

What No Business Owner Wants: Feeling foggy. Lacking in energy. Easily distracted. Struggling to focus. Prone to procrastination. Tired. Make that exhausted. Collapsing at the end of your day. Negatively impacted health. Shortened lifespan.

What Every Business Owner Wants: Feeling motivated. Staying laser-focused. Having tons of energy. Working efficiently. Getting a lot done. Being productive. Showing up your best. Growing your business. Achieving wellness. Increased longevity.

I would sure hope so!

And yet, so many business owners continuously show up in their business and life in the ways they DON’T want.

It’s not that they don’t WANT more for themselves. They just don’t know HOW to get out of the vicious cycle they’ve been operating on - the one which starts every night with poor sleep and continues throughout each day with low energy, brain fog, and tiredness.

Introducing biohacking.

According to Kinesiologist and Certified Sleep Science Coach, Tanessa Shears, biohacking is basically making intentional changes to your external or internal environment that you can benefit greatly from, and unlike what you may have heard, it doesn’t require reinjecting stem cells or taking cold plunges into freezing water.

What biohacking does require is making changes to your habits that you foresee will give you a big return on your investment (in the way of increased energy, focus, wellness, and longevity), something we entrepreneurs are inherently geared to do.

Trying to work through tiredness and brain fog can feel like trying to run through wet cement. You keep moving but you’re incapable of making much forward progress. I know that’s not how you want to show up and represent your business. And it’s definitely not going to get you closer to your goals.

If you think poor sleep and brain fog might be holding you back from being productive, why not give biohacking a try? It could be the solution you’ve been waiting for to help you wake up restored and refreshed so you can conquer your day and not crash midway through it!

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I sit down with Tanessa Shears, to dive into the concept of biohacking your way to better sleep and less brain fog so you can show up with more energy, focus, and stamina in your business and life.

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About Guest:

Tanessa Shears is a Kinesiologist, Certified Sleep Science Coach, health consultant and host of the Becoming Limitless podcast. She helps entrepreneurs scale their business by optimizing their health, focus & productivity with science and biohacking. Her passion is working closely with business owners to implement effective sleep, nutrition, movement and out of the box stress management strategies to eliminate brain fog and wake up feeling well rested, energized and focused. She does this by optimizing the performance capacity of your body & brain so you can produce more meaningful, impactful work output and scale your business faster.

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