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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • What Character Traits To Look For When Hiring
  • If You Exercise Those Traits Consistently
  • The Answer To Whether Or Not You Should Be Fired
  • How To Show Up Better In Your Business
  • So Much More!

Oh boy! I’m excited because I’m on a mission to grow my team.

As I started thinking about what credentials I wanted this new hire to have, figuring out the necessary experience, technical skills, and availability took some time.

Character traits though? That was an easy one.

I immediately knew I wanted someone who is dependable, accountable, self-disciplined, hard-working, drama-free, respectful, and the list goes on.

And that got me thinking…

A lot of business owners don’t even consistently display the minimal character traits they expect from their employees. Yikes!

What do I mean exactly?

Well, let’s look at the single trait of dependable and imagine that on January 1st when you were determined to have a fresh start and slay your goals this year, you committed to start working at 9am every morning.

Well, it’s now September. Are you at your desk, logged on, ready to conquer your day at 9am each morning?

Or are you constantly justifying why you don’t need to start working at 9am every morning?

I had a bad night’s sleep… I got home late… I have a headache… The kids took forever to get out the door… 15 more minutes of The Bachelor to start my day isn’t going to kill me…

What would you say to an employee who kept offering up those excuses as to why they kept starting work late?

If they didn’t change their ways and quickly become more dependable after your little chat, you’d probably fire them.

So I ask… do YOU deserve to be fired?

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I provide a giant dose of tough love, asking you to examine if you consistently show up exercising the personality traits demanded of your business or if you deserve to be fired instead. This episode could be a bit of a punch to your ego but it could also provide the diagnosis you need to start showing up the way your business and team need you to!

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