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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How To Make Big Goals Less Intimidating
  • A Simple Way To Increase The Odds Of Attaining Your Goals
  • The #1 Goal That Should Trumps All Others
  • Why Using Tracking Metrics Is Necessary To Achieve Your Goals
  • So Much More!

Ever heard the Antoine de Saint-Exupery quote, “A goal without a plan is just a wish”?

It serves as a great reminder that every goal needs a carefully thought-out plan of attack for how to achieve that goal.

On it’s own though, a plan to achieve a goal of let’s say, a million dollars in annual revenue, is not enough to help you achieve it. It just seems waaay too big to wrap your head around.

You are here, January 1st, at zero dollars. Next stop: 1 million dollars on December 31st.

Umm, It just doesn’t seem attainable.

It’s hard to see that 1 million dollars as your reality when you’re at zero dollars. It’s too far away. Seemingly impossible. And a goal in which you can’t envision getting there, is a goal you’re going to fail to achieve.

Sorry. That’s the cold, hard truth.


If you were to deconstruct that big goal into the smaller milestones you would need to reach in order to achieve it 365 days from now, you would be able to create a sound plan of attack.

You’d be able to track metrics and course-correct should you fall a bit behind during your off-season.

You’d be able to map out the exact action steps you need to take to meet those smaller milestones and ultimately achieve your 1 million revenue goal.

You’d be setting yourself up for the sweet success of transforming your big dreams into your big realities.

And in this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I dive right into the topic of breaking your big goals down into smaller, attainable milestones that you can actually wrap your mind around and ultimately achieve. I hope you tune in to this part one of my two-part series on achieving your goals!

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