156 | Going Slow To Go Fast

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • My Gut Reaction When The Intense Conversation Surrounding George Floyd’s Death Began
  • Why Absolute Silence Wasn’t The Answer
  • How I’m Choosing To Stand In Solidarity With The Black Community
  • Who To Lean On When You’re Not Sure Of Next Steps
  • What Consuming Too Much Content Can Do To Your Thoughts
  • Why It Makes Sense To Slow Down
  • So Much More!

I think we can all agree that our world’s been through a lot the past several months.
We’ve all seen the memes about 2020.

Making it to the next level in Jumanji each month. Referring to it as “the pit of despair.” How buying a planner was a total waste.

COVID-19 wreaked havoc on our healthcare system, jobs, schools, economy, finances, sports, and in many cases, our loved ones.

And it still is doing a lot of damage in many parts of the world.

Trying to navigate those uncharted waters in my business has been challenging at times as I’ve tried to continue showing up at my best for my clients and listeners, while pivoting my own goals and action plans.

But you know what? At least with COVID-19, I we are all united against it.

Sure, there are the mask wearers and non-wearers, the people who believe it came from a bat in a Wuhan market and those who think some government intentionally released it. But we are all sick of the damn virus and want it gone. We all agree on that.

We’re united against COVID-19 and so I was able to push on and grind in my business, even if the grind looked different.

And then George Floyd died and a huge division occurred, one that took my breath away.

We no longer seemed united.

The intense conversation surrounding racism and police brutality began and my gut reaction was to hit pause on putting out new content to stand in solidarity with the black community.

I didn’t know what was right. I just knew business as usual wasn’t right.

Nor was being silent. That meant choosing the other side.

So, I paused. I paused to give space to the issue, to listen, to learn, to have tough conversations, to examine my own ignorant beliefs, and to grapple with my own thoughts and feelings.

I slowed down to go fast.

And by fast, I mean become an educated ally who’s equipped for the marathon in front of myself so I can help bring about real, necessary change.

And in this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I walk you through my emotional journey over the past few weeks that has stretched me as a leader and a human being and made me have hope that we can all come out of this season stronger and kinder to one another.

It’s not a typical episode but it’s an episode my heart insisted I record. I hope you find some value in it.

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