143 | Rev Up Your Practice Of Recommitting

143 | Rev Up Your Practice Of Recommitting
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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The Importance Of Recommitting
  • A Great Way To Close The Productivity Gap
  • How Negative Self-Talk Plays A Part
  • The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself
  • So Much More!

Two weeks ago was rough in the De La Garza household. And I mean ROUGH.

No, my kid wasn’t suspended from school. No, my husband didn’t lose his job. A tree didn’t fall through my roof. And a power outage didn’t force us to live by candlelight for a week.

The week was rough because I got sick. Then again. And again. And again.

I first contracted the flu and it was wicked! As soon as I started feeling better, I learned I had a gum infection requiring antibiotics. A couple of days later, I laid on my bathroom floor for hours with excruciating abdominal pains. Fast forward two more days and I was diagnosed with a painful double ear infection.

Yuck! It seemed I could not catch a break - all during the week I had planned to tackle some pretty epic goals in my business and design an entirely new program. I also had been feeling a ton of momentum brewing as I had onboarded a bunch of new clients in January and felt like I was flying high into February.

Well, those four illnesses combined felt like a punch to my face and a blow to my goals.

A blow, but not a death sentence.

I could have sat back and said, “Well, my new program is just not meant to be right now” or “I’ll attempt it again in spring” or “I’ll just push it back a week” or even, “This is a sign I shouldn’t go through with it.”

No way. I wasn’t going to roll over and play dead. I was going to brush the dirt off from my fall and get right back on track.

I recommitted to my goals with renewed fervor and designed that program that goes live today, right on schedule.

When your momentum gets stopped dead in its tracks, don’t give in. Don’t give up. Give yourself a tall glass of recommitment and get back in the fight because it’s impossible to win a fight you’re not in.

We all face setbacks but there is a lot of power in recommitting to your goals, recommitting to your plan, and recommitting to yourself.

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I dive into the practice of recommitting to your goals when you fall off track (and we all do!), so you can get right back on and work toward achieving them.

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