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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How Joy’s Fears Were Capping Her Growth
  • The Bridge She Crossed To Become Scalable
  • The Biggest Mindset Roadblocks She’s Overcome
  • How She Enrolls Others Into Her Dream
  • So Much More!

You like to travel, right?

Travelling is the best! I love everything about exploring new places, trying different foods and experiences, and engaging with the locals.

Well, imagine you’re a 23 year-old and take a trip to a new city you’ve always wanted to check out. After immersing yourself in the culture for a few days, you feel compelled to live there, but not for the reasons most people choose to relocate – being closer to loved ones, job transfer, promotion, a fresh start, love of the city.

You feel compelled to move because your heart aches to embark on a mission to provide support for a marginalized population there.

You sell everything you own against your family’s wishes, go to battle with your fears, and move to this new city without a plan, without a job, and without a local support network. All you have is your passion for helping people.

But then you dive into this marginalized group. You start offering respect, providing resources, and building relationships. Your passion evolves into a vision and your vision evolves into a business to meet the needs of the people you serve.

You find yourself a decade later making million-dollar negotiations as the Founder and CEO of your non-profit, having changed the trajectory of countless people’s lives. You find yourself doing what lights you up every damn day and doing your part in literally changing the world.

Now, that may not be your path but it was the path of my friend, Joy Hoover. Today, she loves her life in that the notorious Sin City she left everything to move to and can’t see herself doing anything other than the charitable work she’s so passionate about doing.

Joy went from using cupcakes and makeup as a tool to foster relationships to successfully running The Cupcake Girls which provides confidential support to those involved in the sex industry, as well as those affected by domestic sex trafficking through holistic resources, case management, and after care. In this week’s episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I give Joy a platform to tell her story of how she built her non-profit business from the ground up and share nuggets of wisdom she learned along the way.

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About Guest:

As Founder and CEO of The Cupcake Girls, partner to her husband of 14 years, and mama to two fierce little ladies, Joy’s goal is to empower others through her personal journey of social entrepreneurship. Joy and her family have had the privilege of sharing space, respect, resources, and relationships with folks working in the adult industry and those who have been sex trafficked for nearly 10 years. They are honored to stand in solidarity and link arms with this important and valuable community.

As an experienced public speaker and voice for the organization, Joy has been featured in TEDxWomen, The LA Times, VICE, Huffington Post, Fox News, and The Leadership Journal. She speaks from personal experiences of healing, growing an organization, and showing up each day with courage, humility, and a deep love for marginalized communities. 

Joy’s core belief is that every human has inherent dignity and is worthy of respect. She considers herself a “human who gives a shi*t” and her goal is to activate others to give a sh*t too.

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