114 | The Must Do’s And You’d Better Not’s Of Hiring A Virtual Assistant With Mary Baird-Wilcock

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • What To Outsource To Your V.A.s
  • Why You Need To See Your V.A.s As Partners, Not Employees
  • 4 Places To Find Reliable, Smart V.A.s
  • The Grilled Cheese Method For Documenting Your Processes
  • So Much More!

If you tuned in to Productivity Straight Talk last week, you heard all about how you should K.I.S.S. – keep it stupid simple, that is.

This week, we build upon that notion of keeping it simple by simplifying your role in your business.

Sure, you’re the boss, the big wig, the CEO, but do you really need to be the graphic designer, copywriter, and social media strategist too?

Do those things light you up?

If so and you’re good at them, great. Perhaps that’s the best use of your time.

But if they drain you or you suck at them, what then?

My guest on the podcast this week, Mary Baird-Wilcock reminds us that, “You’re in charge of building a business that actually serves you, so keep things simple.”

And that includes simplifying your multitude of roles by delegating.

In this day and age, that’s made super simple by technology and the willingness of skilled individuals to be virtual assistants.

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I sit down with Mary who runs a team of virtual assistants from three countries as a division of her event management business. We discuss best practices for finding and hiring reliable and competent virtual assistants who will help up-level your business.

 Ready to simplify your task load, reduce overwhelm, and hire virtual support?

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About Guest:

Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP has one goal with her company...to help people simplify their lives. With over 15+ years experience in running her own company, she coaches creative entrepreneurs on how to simplify and optimize the operations side of theirs mall business, Mary is the host of The Simplifiers Podcast, where she takes topics in business and in life and SIMPLIFIES them. Her podcast has thousands of devoted listeners in 89 countries around the world and is rapidly growing! An international public speaker who's been published in Forbes magazine, HuffingtonPost, MSN, Metro and featured as one of the “Top 25 Young Event Pros to Watch” by Special Events Magazine.

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