101 | Cracking The Code To Optimize Yourself With Zack Arnold

101 Cracking The Code To Optimize Yourself

I sit down with documentary director, Hollywood film and television editor, productivity nerd, and the creator of the Optimize Yourself program, Zack Arnold. We take a look at how he blended his knowledge of athletics and creative performance to build a business he’s crazy about and deep-dive into ways to optimize yourself and your business using productivity tools.

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

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    Why You Should Strive For Work-Life Presence Over Balance
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    The Worst Thing You Can Do To Generate Ideas
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    Clever Ways To Problem Solve Differently
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    The 3 Things To Nail In Order To Accomplish Anything
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    How To Attain The Sweet Spot Of Staying Focused
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    Strategies To Pace Yourself And Your Energy
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    The Best Way To Reach Default Mode Where Your Creativity Is The Highest
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    So Much More!


This was a great discussion with Zack I hope you enjoy. Now let’s jump right in and get to the straight talk!

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Ultimate Guide To Optimizing Your Creativity

About The Guest:

Zack Arnold is a documentary director, Hollywood film & television editor, productivity nerd, and the creator of the Optimize Yourself program. He helps creative professionals and entrepreneurs better prioritize their time, their energy, and their attention so they can achieve their most important goals in life...without sacrificing their sanity in the process.

Zack is not an "expert," and he is certainly not your "guru." Zack is simply a guy who has spent the last fifteen years chained to a computer, and due to the stressful and sedentary nature of his career he has battled depression, burnout, and attention issues for most of his adult life. His mission is to help you achieve your goals by sharing everything he knows about how to optimize creative performance so you can run your business the way you want...instead of your business running YOU.]

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