099 | From Paralyzed To Productive: A Strategy Session With Laura K. Cook

099 From Paralyzed To Productive A Strategy Session With Laura K. Cook

I sit down for an on-air strategy session with one of the Financial Advisors of Raymond James, Laura Cook, to tackle her challenges with productivity in the entrepreneurial space. We cover how Laura’s interactions with her clients could be systemized to decrease disruptions to her workflow while providing a superior level of client servicing and reclaim time for more productive activities.

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

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    The Best Place To Start Creating Efficiency In Your Workflow
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    Ways To Plant The Seeds For Smooth Transitions
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    How Releasing Old Roles Can Set You Free
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    Strategies To Minimize The Times You’re Forced To Wing It
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    Tips For Leveling Up Your Client Servicing
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    So Much More!


This was a great discussion with Laura I hope you enjoy. Now let’s jump right in and get to the straight talk!

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Laura K. Cook Of West Wealth Management Group Of Raymond James

About The Guest:

Laura graduated from Converse College in 1998 with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree. After a year in the design field, she quickly realized that her heart was to help others. This realization led her to the financial services industry. Seventeen years later, Laura continues to help others by addressing their financial needs, both large and small. Since joining the team in 2013, Laura’s focus has been on financial planning needs, annuity analysis, and estate planning. Laura’s education in the arts has made her a creative problem solver for the unique financial challenges that our clients face. After experiencing personal loss of her own, and watching clients live through similar experiences, Laura’s passion for helping others was further clarified to come alongside clients in the loss of loved ones and educate and address their financial needs with patience and empathy.

In 2015, with Michael’s blessing, Laura started a financial education program specifically designed for women. The program consists of a series of “lunch and learn” style workshops designed to give women more confidence in their own financial lives and address specific issues surrounding their needs.

When not researching the next topic of concern for women, Laura enjoys homemaking actives such as baking, sewing, gardening, and decorating. Most of her free time is spent happily with her husband, KC, their son, Ryder, and their dog, Ruby.]

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