026 | Why Fitness For Entrepreneurs Is Essential For Success Professionally + Personally with Mariah Secrest-Comer

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  • 026 | Why Fitness For Entrepreneurs Is Essential For Success Professionally + Personally with Mariah Secrest-Comer

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Why Fitness Is So Important For Your Productivity, Business, And Life
  • Mariah’s Top 3 Tips For Attaining Lasting Wellness
  • How To Identify Your Fitness Sweet Spot
  • One Of The Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When It Comes To Fitness
  •   How To Create A Fitness Regime That Is Super Sustainable
  • So Much More!

In this episode, I sit down with Mariah Secrest-Comer, host of the Wellthy Boss Show and owner of the online wellness company. Mariah walks us through how she works to create healthy self-care and fitness practices for entrepreneurs just like you so you can have more energy for your ambitions.

We also discuss how your level of activity directly affects your productivity, the best way to work new behaviors into your paradise zone of automated habits, the effect of surrounding yourself with healthy company, and how to overcome the limiting belief and myth that any time spent investing in yourself detracts from your work, business, or family.

This was an awesome discussion with Mariah I hope you enjoy. Now let’s jump right in and get to the straight talk!

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About Guest:

Mariah is the owner of WellthyBoss.com and host of The Wellthy Boss Show podcast. A certified personal trainer and fitness instructor, Mariah built her business while working a full-time career in business development. Knowing first-hand how challenging it is to maintain healthy habits while juggling career and family, she also credits her love of health and fitness with giving her the energy needed to keep all the trains running. She’s dedicated to providing overworked entrepreneurs with systematic, practical habits that will give them more energy for their ambitions.

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