011 | How To Get Sh!t Done: Time Blocking Strategies That Work

011 | How To Get Sh!t Done: Time Blocking Strategies That Work
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  • 011 | How To Get Sh!t Done: Time Blocking Strategies That Work

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • What Time Blocking Is And Why It Works So Well To Improve Productivity
  • Strategies For Planning And Scheduling Your Time Blocks
  • How To Overcome Common Time Blocking Challenges
  • So Much More!

In this episode, I introduce the seven steps to creating a time blocking success schedule along with my top eight tips to aid in its creation, discuss the foundational strategies to maximize productivity, and talk about why it’s important to go slow to go fast when it comes to productivity.

I also reveal the secret to not double-book yourself, what you need to hold sacred in order to be successful with time blocking, and which activities you absolutely need to plan for because they tend to creep in and take over your entire day.

Episode Links & Resources:

  • Episode 004 | A Clear Snappshot of Accountability with Nick Snapp 
  • Episode 006 | Unselfishly Letting Go To Make Your Business Grow with Mike Rayburn 

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