002 | The Silent Profit Thief w/ Darren LaCroix, WCPS, AS, CSP

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The Magic Business Question You Should Be Asking
  • How Disorganization May Be Robbing You Of Your Profits
  • How 30 Minutes A Day Can Keep Your Stress At Bay
  • How A Few Letters Can Gain You Credibility In Your Industry
  • So Much More!

Are you being robbed of your time, money, and opportunities without even knowing it?

Improving your productivity will bring you more peace, more enthusiasm, more momentum, and more money. In this episode, I sit down with World Champion of Public Speaking winner, speaking coach, and the brains behind the very successful Stage Time University, Darren LaCroix as he walks us through his entrepreneurial journey, the tactics he has used to keep himself on the fastest path to achieving his goals, and why it's important to embrace organization.

We also talked about an easy way to gain credibility in your industry, spending time on your highest value activities, and Darren’s daily routine that sets him up for success. This was an awesome discussion with Darren that I know you’ll enjoy. Now let’s get to the straight talk!

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