Take Back Your Time
To Take Back Your Business And Life!

Think back to when you dreamed of becoming your own boss and first envisioned what your day-to-day would look like. Okay, that was fun. Nowww back to reality. Is running your business everything you hoped it would be? I mean, you started your business so you could have MORE freedom, MORE time, MORE money, and live a BETTER life, right?

Yet, here you are...
… overworked and overcommitted
… working IN your business not ON your business
… overwhelmed and stressed to levels you can't imagine speaking about out loud, but know all too well inside.

Even though you’re great at what you do, you feel like you NEVER have enough time for the things that matter most to you. Your family. Your friends. Your passions. Yet here you are, spending your days racing against the clock, buried under a never-ending to-do list, feeling like no matter how hard you work… it’s never enough. You lose entire days to “putting out fires” and rarely get done what you planned (if you even planned). You're constantly on the go from one thing to the next with little time for rest or self-care. You wake up feeling hopelessly out of control and always behind.

… but there’s an even deeper struggle going on.
One you've been afraid to talk about for far too long now.

Deep down you feel like maybe you aren’t cut out for this running a business thing… Not because you can’t make money, but because you can’t seem to get things under control to even enjoy the money you're making.

Your clients aren’t receiving the high-level of service they were promised (and you want to give them). You haven’t made it to the gym or spa in ages. Your spouse misses you and your kids give you guilt trips about never being around. You’re running on what feels like a constant hamster wheel… working hard but with little forward movement in business (or life) to show for it.

It all leads you to wonder if there’s some gene you’re missing that successful business owners must have. Feelings of failure keep creeping up on you when you first wake up. While staring at your computer screen. In the middle of the night. More days than you care to admit, you feel like throwing in the towel...

Those feelings are more common than you might think.

And there is a solution… but it’s not what you think.

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve tried all the planners, used the apps, tried block scheduling, and struggled to find a time management system that allows you to take back your time to back your business and life. You’ve heard the “gurus” talk about their early morning routines and tried all of their hacks. You’ve possibly even purchased a timer that literally looks like a tomato and thought it would be your life saver.


Time management hacks aren’t the solution and what most of today’s self-proclaimed “time management experts” teach are simply Band-Aids for gaping wounds. Quite honestly, the situation you find yourself in is not all your fault. You simply fell for someone else's cookie-cutter system for time management - one that didn't make sense for your personality, your lifestyle, or your business. That, or you attempted to improve your time management on your own but spent more time researching information than consistently implementing your findings. You also lacked support and accountability.

What if you could:

  • Wake up every morning feeling completely in control, ready to take on the day? 
  • Create the time and space, every single week, to work ON your business, not just IN your business?
  • Put systems in place to stop the fires from ever starting, so you don’t have to spend all your time putting them out?
  • Be successful in business even if you feel like you’re an accidental business owner?
  • Utilize your time to grow a thriving, profitable business AND a happy, healthy life?

YOU CAN! I'm going to show you how!...


My 4-module, on-demand video training program that will teach you my proven, step-by-step time management system for small business owners

This program is designed to move you from stressed out and overwhelmed to fully in control and fulfilled.

By The End Of The Program, You Will Have:

  • Created a customized daily and weekly schedule that gives you complete clarity and control over your time and how it’s being used
  • Practical knowledge around how to master your to-do list, so that it no longer feels overwhelming
  • Discovered your own unique focus formula so you can get more done in less time
  • The know-how to finally be proactive versus reactive when it comes to how your time is being spent and with whom
  • Confidence knowing what’s happening and when in your business and life so you can be more in control of what’s happening on a daily basis
  • And so much more!

My promise to you is that this program will be shockingly simple but massively impactful.

Take Back Your Time 

To Take Back Your Business And Life

For Only $97!

What can Time Management Made Simple do for you?

Take a look...


Doing much better with my planning, calendar, and routines!

I didn't know what to expect from Time Management Made Simple, but I knew it would be awesome based on Amber’s existing content. The format of taking small, actionable steps and building on prior concepts really resonated with me in a way no other productivity method or planning process ever had.

I loved learning to identify and apply high-value activities to workload planning across our entire team, and finally creating my ideal week. TMMS is an incredible framework for high-performing folks with tons of priorities to get truly focused on actual productivity.


Great content and flow - I'm now more productive!

This course covered great content and flowed well. I especially liked the content on how to focus and I like Amber’s style. She has a wealth of information in many areas that I need help with. But it wasn’t just information, it was inspiration to create habits and routines to make me more productive. Since the program, I have better focus, use my calendar more effectively, and am more often able to create an environment that favors high productivity.


Thorough and practical program that makes a big difference

I’d been experiencing difficulty with managing tasks and projects, creating a model week, energy management, and general overwhelm.

I was familiar with the concepts from Amber’s podcast but this tied everything together and made it applicable to me. I am using all of the thorough and practical information I learned and it is making a big difference. Amber has a gift for figuring out roadblocks to productivity and solutions to those problems.

Now, I am tweaking my model week, using morning, evening, start up and shutdown routines, implementing a task management system, keeping my emails at inbox zero, and focusing on profit producing metrics. Thanks Amber!


Loaded with practical, realistic, and usable tools and advice!

Prior to this course, I was swimming against my procrastination habit because I felt overwhelmed and struggling with perfectionism freezing my progress. The ideal week and weekly review I learned in this course have helped me to feel more confident about what is happening, and what is going to happen, with my to-do list, project list, and schedule. I can more readily recognize where delegation of a task is the best answer for the things that I don't need to do myself.

The course covered the content I was expecting and so much more! I liked how the productivity tools and sessions built upon one another and the last session was fire! I watched it two more times because it was so loaded with practical, realistic, and usable tools and advice! I particularly liked how the sessions built up to the last grand finale session where the information blocks from the earlier sessions all came together.

The program is a doable commitment (one hour per week) and affordable (great price point!) while being jam-packed full of helpful and workable information. I liked being able to re-watch portions of the videos in order to squeeze every last bit of information I could out of each session. Really nicely done. I appreciate Amber's positive energy and her friendly but direct manner of instruction/coaching.

Nancy Dembinski , Co-Owner of Landry Mazzeo & Dembinski PC

Time Management Made Simple is for you if...

  • Your schedule feels out of control, no matter how many times you've tried to get better with it
  • You always find that things are falling through the cracks due to taking on too much and not having a plan of how to get it all done
  • You have guilt surrounding how much falls through the cracks and are sick of always having to apologize for being behind
  • You have no task list OR your task list is not working because your important tasks keep rolling over from day to day

Here's What You'll Get:

4 Powerful Modules

#1 Time Management Foundations

Determine what’s happening and when in your business and life so you can strategically take back control of your time

  • Getting clear on what you want to achieve by improving your time management
  • My definition of productivity and why it matters
  • Auditing the out-of-balance areas of your life
  • Identifying your unique, high-value activities
  • Evaluating your current relationship with time
  • Avoiding the time management yo-yo diet
Freedom To Focus 2
#2 Freedom To Focus

Engineer your own unique focus formula so you can get more done in less time

  • Strategies to create and maintain focus
  • Decluttering and optimizing your workspace
  • Combatting distractions dressed as opportunities
  • Managing interruptions effectively
  • Getting clarity on which activities to eliminate
  • Establishing healthy boundaries
Task Master NEW
#3 Task Master

Utilize simple but powerful strategies to master your to-do list so working from it no longer feels overwhelming

  • Digitizing your task list for optimal productivity
  • Simple methods to conquer your task list
  • Batching tactics to increase efficiency
  • Knowing what tasks to delegate and how
  • Prioritizing and deferring tasks
  • Establishing a weekly power hour
Power Planner 2
#4 Power Planner

Create a customized daily and weekly schedule that will give you complete clarity over your time and how it’s being used

  • Understanding the planning ecosystem
  • Planning your ideal day, week, and years
  • Identifying necessary course corrections
  • Executing effective time blocking
  • Bookending your day with success routines
  • The 5 Daily Planning Pavers
Step By Step NEW
Step By Step Take Action Checklist

4 module-specific checklists to help you stay on track and execute on your new skill sets


Printable worksheets so you can dive deeper and elevate your results

App Recommendations
App & Program Recommendations

Recommended training-specific apps and programs to help you power up your time management

Audio Recordings
Audio Recordings

Audio recordings of the trainings you can conveniently listen (and relisten!) to on-the-go, whenever and wherever

The Time Management Made Simple program is $97,

which costs far less than the value you get with results like...

  • CPA Ellen Humphrey-Allen, who said, “I got so much value out of the training and was grateful the content was broken down into bite-sized pieces that I can implement. I now have a plan and tools to achieve my goals."
  • Attorney Nancy Dembinski, who said, “I liked how the productivity tools and sessions built upon one another and the last session was fire! The program is a doable commitment (one hour per week) and affordable (great price point!) while being jam-packed full of helpful and workable information."
  • Printing press owner Lori Murphy, who said, “ Since the program, I have better focus, use my calendar more effectively, and am more often able to create an environment that favors high productivity."
  • And CEO Erin Long, who said, “I am using all of the thorough and practical information I learned and it is making a big difference."

Get immediate access so you can watch whenever, wherever, and as often as you’d like for only $97!

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Hello, I'm Amber De La Garza

The Productivity Specialist!

I help small business owners maximize profits, reduce stress, and make time for what matters most by improving their time management and elevating their productivity. I’m a business coach, trainer, speaker, and writer, host of the Small Business Straight Talk Podcast and creator of Leverage Lab®.


Will I get immediate access once I sign up?

Yes, you’ll get immediate access to the program so you can watch whenever, wherever, and as often as you’d like.

How long will it take to get through this program?

This program is designed to be consumable in bite-sized chunks. The duration of the training videos is approximately four hours total but I encourage you to space out watching them so you can spend some time in between reviewing the Take Action Checklists, doing the PowerSheets, and implementing your new skill sets.

Who is this program best suited for?

Time Management Made Simple is for service-based business owners (e.g., Interior Designers, Attorneys, REALTORS, Financial Advisors, Coaches, Speakers, Trainers, Accountants, Therapists, etc.). If you’re tired, overwhelmed, stressed out, and not sure how to move forward, this program is for you.

If you lack a time management system (that works FOR you), find yourself putting out fires all day long, struggle with planning and routines, can’t seem to stay focused, and have a difficult time setting priorities, this program for you.

If you want a robust, all-encompassing time management program that is sure to help you take back your time for your business and life but are not comfortable with the hefty price tags on some of the big-name courses out there, this program is for you.

Will I get lifetime access to the program?

Yes, you’ll get immediate and lifetime access to the program so you can watch the videos whenever, wherever, and as often as you’d like. You’ll also receive lifetime access to audio recordings of the trainings so you can listen to them whenever, wherever, and as often as you’d like.

Do you offer refunds?

No. Due to the digital nature of this training, there are no refunds.

Email [email protected] with any additional questions you may have.

Do you want to know the real key to success?

It’s showing up consistently, intentionally, and with passion for yourself and your business.

You can keep going with how things have been going. You can stay buried beneath your to-do list and fight back the overwhelm. You can watch other business owners achieve their goals while wondering what secret they have that you aren’t privy to.


You can try to improve your time management on your own. You can try all the hacks, listen to all the self-proclaimed “gurus,” and attempt all the quick fixes. This is definitely a better option than doing nothing, but you’ve been doing this for a while now, haven’t you? The magic is not in one strategy here and one tactic there. It’s in fully understanding where you’re going and how to leverage every tool, person, and skill at your disposal. You could try and figure this out on your own, but that will likely cost you tons of money, take tons of time, and lead to even more frustration before you finally hit a breakthrough. It’s possible, yes, but you’re already struggling… why add to that?


You can join me and other driven business owners who want to shortcut their path to success inside Time Management Made Simple. You can let me take the guesswork out of creating a time management system for you. You can develop a comprehensive system of time management that is uniquely designed to meet your needs and help you grow your business. You can save thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours, and LOADS of frustration by letting me teach you my simple but massively impactful time management strategies! I know what works. I know how to get results. I hold NOTHING back inside Time Management Made Simple. If you show up and do the work… it will work for you.

So, what’s it going to be? Either way, I’ll still be here rooting for you.

BUT… I’d love you to join me inside Time Management Made Simple so you can start taking back your time, business, and life.

The choice is yours. A thriving business and life await!

For Only $97