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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How You Sabotage Yourself Throughout Holiday Season
  • What You Should Be Pausing To Do Several Times A Day
  • Ways To Gift Yourself Self-Care Throughout The Year
  •   Why You Should Not Be Treating Yourself & What To Do Instead
  • So Much More!

I want you to go on a little trip with me. Let’s hop on a time machine and go back to the last time your day went like this…

You sat down at your desk after your morning personal routine and got right to work replying to emails and responding to voicemails. After that brain warm-up, you breezed through a few meetings and clients appointments. After lunch, you spent the first half of the afternoon completing a project you’ve been working hard on. You then completed a few menial tasks on your list because you had previously determined your energy is lowest during that time on a daily basis.

After paying that bill, sending a couple of emails, and ordering more ink, you looked back at your task list and it was completely blank. You reflected on your day and sure enough, you had replied to every email, responded to every voicemail, completed every project, and finished every task on your list... AND it was only 3pm. You typically end your workday at 6pm so you now have three whole hours all to yourself to do whatever you want… Sweet!

So, ideas started swirling around in your head… With all this extra time, I could get a massage. Catch a flick. Take that new hot pilates class everyone keeps talking about. Meet up with friends. Start bingeing And Just Like That. Go Shopping. Hell, I could finally get some restful sleep!

You pondered your options, chose the self-care activity you wanted to indulge in, then applauded yourself, Way to, [First Name ##cap]! You finished all your work so now you can have Me Time!


Remember that time machine? Yeah, so it’s not broken. It just can’t go back to a day that never existed. Think about it. There never was a day when you completed all your work and had nothing else to do. And there never will be a day when you complete all your work and get to say, Wow! My calendar is clear, there’s nothing on my to-do list, and I have plenty of time to invest in self-care. Never. There will always be tasks to work on, projects to complete, meetings to schedule, and events to attend.

You must intentionally carve out time for self-care or you won’t get any. Making yourself a priority is especially a necessity during this busy holiday season with its added stressors and multiplying responsibilities. It’s important for your physical and emotional health, your business, and your relationships. You can’t possibly show up as your best and most productive self for your business or your family if you’re too exhausted to keep your eyes open, after all.

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I dive into that reality and discuss what you can be doing to consistently gift yourself more energy, less stress, and greater focus throughout the holiday season and the rest of the year!

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Amber De La Garza

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