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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Common Mindset Blocks Small Business Owners Experience
  • The Question That Reveals What Your Money Blocks Are
  • How The ‘I Can’t Afford This’ Objection Affects You
  • How To Implement Emily’s No Cursing Rule (psst… it’s not what you think!)
  • Ways To Use Her Safety Statement Strategy  
  • My Lightbulb Moment Surrounding Money Mindset
  • So Much More!

We’re all in business to make money, right?

I mean, yes, we’re also in business for other, personal reasons - we’re passionate about our line of work, we want to help people, we want to provide for our families, we want freedom to create our own schedule, we want power and notoriety, we want to keep the family business alive, we want to change the world, etc.

Yes, yes, and yes

!But whatever reasons you choose to run a business, you simply can’t run your business without the money to keep the doors open. You have to make money to stay in business

.And what that means is you must have a positive relationship with money so you can keep taking action to put out exceptional products, market your business, serve your clients, and make consistent revenue.

Making money shouldn’t feel uncomfortable but let’s be honest… it feels super uncomfortable when your relationship with it sucks. When you have energy-shrinking thoughts like:

💭 I can’t charge that much.

💭 I can’t afford to hire someone.

💭 If I’m doing what I love, I should do it for free.

💭 My spouse won’t like it if I make more money than them.

💭 I’m not worth that much money.

💭 I have to work super hard to make money.

💭 If I want to be successful, I need to invest all my profits back into the business.

💭 It can’t be that easy.

If you have shame and fear surrounding making money, you’re blocking yourself from running a really profitable business and living your best life. Your actions follow your strongest thoughts, so if your thoughts are telling you you’re not meant to make good money, you won’t. 

You could have all the time management, productivity, and business tools in the world, but without the right money mindset, you won’t be able to use those tools effectively to turn a big profit.

It’s time to face that shame and fear and get rid of the money mindset blocks holding you back from success!

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I sit down with wealth and abundance coach for entrepreneurial women, Emily King, to dive into how your money mindset blocks may be holding you back from building an amazing relationship with money, and what you can do about it to make lots of money, not feel guilty about it, and live your best life ever.

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About Guest:

Emily King is a Money Mindset and Business Mentor who’s been helping women entrepreneurs since 2015 create financial freedom and normalize being extraordinary.

With an MBA, NLP coaching certification, and a hint of “woo”, Emily has coached numerous clients from the proverbial basement to multi-millions—earning her the nickname “The Money Godmother.”

When she’s not online coaching her incredible clients, Emily’s magnetic energy is lighting up stages like TEDx where she shares her wisdom on creating financial freedom and living a “rich woman” life. 

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