210 | Showing Up Unapologetically You: A Lesson In Visibility With Lauren Salaun

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The Inner Work Lauren Did To Rewrite Her Story
  • The Wakeup Call That Made Her Jump All-In Into PR
  • Tips For Showing Up More Authentically Without Oversharing
  • Effective Pitching Strategies To Increase Visibility
  •  Why You Should Have A Fake Assistant 
  • So Much More!

If you’ve ever been to Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom at Disney World, I have a few questions for you…

Have you seen the fire station on Main Street?

Spotted Flounder on the Under the Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid ride?

Listened to the Dapper Dans Barbershop Quartet?

Witnessed someone eating a hot dog outside Casey’s Corner?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Have you seen the castle? Yes, THE castle.

How could you not?!

In both the California and Florida parks, the castle has high visibility. It sits center stage on each park’s map and is the main focal point when you enter the parks and head up Main Street toward the different lands. 

The castle is also proudly featured on a hell of a lot of merchandise from tee shirts to postcards and everything in between.

Disney’s castles are pretty much synonymous with their brand. They’ve done a superstar PR job giving their castles high, positive visibility and designing them to evoke a sense of magic, wonder, and happiness in park goers so they want to return again and again.

So, is your brand a highly visible castle or a hot dog stand that has poor visibility and even got left off the newest printed park map (gasp!) so newcomers won’t even know it exists?

If you want people to like your brand and take out their credit card to hire you, they must know your brand exists, what it stands for, and how you can help them.

Having high, positive visibility will help ensure the growth of your business, increasing sales volume, and a better pool of talent to hire from. 

Don’t take it from me though. Learn all about how you can improve your brand’s visibility from PR and Marketing Consultant Lauren Salaun in this week’s episode of Productivity Straight Talk.

In addition to discussing all the ways you can achieve great visibility by showing up unapologetically you, we discuss Lauren’s journey from exhausted workaholic to successful entrepreneur that enabled her to fit her work into her life (instead of the other way around) while following her passion and presenting herself authentically. Lauren also dives into business lessons she learned, energy tapping, and pitching strategies for small business owners.

If you want your brand to be a highly visible castle that beckons people to take out their credit cards and sign contracts, I hope you tune in!

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About Guest:

Lauren Salaun [sounds like hair “salon”] is a PR and marketing consultant, media personality, speaker, entrepreneur, and host of the AMPLIFY podcast. Lauren has spent nearly 15 years in the PR, marketing, and advertising space, and decided to start her own PR + marketing business in 2014. She is also a former health coach, personal trainer, fitness model, and bikini competitor. After years of hustling, running multiple businesses at one time, but not seeing the results she knew she truly deserved, Lauren decided to go all-in and own her mission – and that’s when everything changed. Now, she runs a PR + Influencer marketing agency called influence+IMPACT and is the founder of The PR Accelerator, where she helps entrepreneurs increase their authority and visibility, so they can scale their income and impact with ease. She also recently launched the AMPLIFY podcast, because blending in is bullsh*t. Lauren believes that her purpose is to support others in owning their truth, using their voice, and living as the most aligned, abundant, and authentic version of themselves.

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