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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • What One Connection Can Do For You
  • The 3 Steps To The Magic Connection Method
  • Ways Your Email Hook Can Make You Look Like A Serial Killer
  • The Power Of Creating An Irresistible Offer
  •  How Junior High Lunch Motivated Brandon To Be Resourceful 
  • So Much More!

With my clients and on this podcast, I talk a lot about goals. Creating goals. Setting goals. Taking action on goals. Achieving goals. 


Because goals are important. They act as bullseyes to aim for, help you measure your progress, keep you motivated, and align your focus so you stay on your path toward achieving your vision of success in business and in life.

In my recent Full Speed Ahead masterclass, I provided the HOW on achieving any goal you set. What I didn’t have time to get far into is WHO you should align yourself with in order to achieve your goals.

As business owners, we sometimes become so laser focused on setting and achieving our goals, that we attempt to do it all solo or with minimal help. We forget there may be clients, strategic partnerships, or other connections that could help us along our journey and support us in getting bigger goals than we ever dreamed of to the finish line.

Figuring out the perfect path to achieving your goals and executing on it is not something you should be doing alone. As my guest on this week’s episode of Productivity Straight Talk says, “True exponential growth (and peak productivity) happens when you can focus on what you do best and partner with people who can support areas where you're not as strong.” And that certainly applies to goals.

Brandon Fong learned that lesson early in life and has since developed the Magic Connection Method to help himself and others get to the right WHOs in life, who can amplify your success in reaching your goals. His story is intriguing and his zest for making the right connections to advance careers inspiring. Tune in to his actionable interview and make sure to take advantage of Brandon’s free gift!

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About Guest:

Brandon is an entrepreneur, author, marketing nerd, world traveler, and goofy husband to his wife, Leah. He’s also the creator of the Magic Connection Method and founder of 7-Figure Millennials where his mission is to inspire millennial entrepreneurs to pursue big financial goals while prioritizing their happiness, health, and relationships.

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