188 | Getting The Help You Need: An Entrepreneurial Case Study With Janelle McNeal

188 | Getting The Help You Need: An Entrepreneurial Case Study With Janelle McNeal
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  • 188 | Getting The Help You Need: An Entrepreneurial Case Study With Janelle McNeal

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How Janelle Got Into Counseling Women Entrepreneurs
  • Her Boulders To Breadcrumbs Approach To Problems
  • The Concept Of Failing Forward
  • Top Challenges High-Achieving Women Seek Help For
  • How Your Feelings Are Like Little Kids 
  • So Much More!

In early adulthood, I wanted so badly to be a real estate agent. Why?

Because they got to drive around in their cool cars all day and be their own bosses.

Silly, I know, but I followed my dream and got licensed, only to later discover that I just wasn’t passionate about real estate and a cool car just meant a fat-ass car payment.

I got closer to finding my calling when I started working in real estate management and then finally scored the jackpot several years later when I left corporate America and found my calling in coaching and training real estate professionals and other business owners.

My guest on this week’s episode of Productivity Straight Talk had a similar circuitous route to find her calling but it wasn’t cool cars that first made Janelle McNeal take an interest in her field. It was fashion. When Janelle was young, one of her friends always had the best clothes so Janelle asked what her dad did for work, knowing her mom stayed at home. The answer? Psychiatrist.

So, Janelle started out on her path to become a psychiatrist so she could afford the best clothes, too. Long story short, organic chemistry in college quickly changed Janelle’s dream of going to med school and she became a licensed psychologist instead.

It was the right move as Janelle is incredibly passionate about the work she does in psychology now. As the Owner & Director of True North Counseling & Development, Janelle helps women entrepreneurs and professionals navigate perfectionism, depression, anxiety, procrastination, and work-life balance, and ultimately helps them achieve their “unachievable” goals and dreams.

Tune in to this entrepreneurial case study in which we dive into how Janelle runs her business staying true to her tagline, ‘Feeling better is just the beginning’ to ensure people thrive as a result of their experiences at True North, and discuss how you can get the help you need to succeed in business.

Oh, and in case you were wondering,  Janelle got that fabulous wardrobe she dreamed of, too!

About Guest:

Dr. Janelle McNeal is the owner and director of True North Counseling & Development. She works primarily with women entrepreneurs and professionals to help them achieve their “unachievable” goals and dreams.

She provides counseling as a licensed psychologist to help those experiencing stress, perfectionism, procrastination, and difficulty achieving work-life balance.

She also facilitates masterminds, where ambitious, high-achieving women have a space to come together and support one another as they develop professionally and personally.

As a result of working with Janelle, people describe having more clarity, peace, and confidence so they can live the life they’ve dreamed of. In fact, the True North tagline is: Feeling better is just the beginning.  Her ultimate goal is for people to thrive as a result of their experiences at True North.

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