173 | Empowering Leadership: The Best Investment For Long-term Growth

173 | Empowering Leadership: The Best Investment For Long-term Growth
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  • 173 | Empowering Leadership: The Best Investment For Long-term Growth

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The First Thing You Need To Do After Making A New Hire
  • My 5-Step Process Of Training, Coaching, And Onboarding
  • Strategies For Empowering Your Employees To Deliver Results
  • Who Should Teach Each New Process (It May Not Be You!)
  •  Why Slowing Down Is A Must-Make Investment
  • So Much More!

These last few weeks have been really exciting (and challenging) for me as I prepared to make a new hire in my business.

I brainstormed what responsibilities and duties the role would entail, what character traits, skills, and experience they would need to have, and the hours I would need them to work.

I created the job posting and conducted numerous interviews all with the hopes of finding the right person to help me streamline my backend so I could be more present and focused on my pursuing my high-value activities.

Enter Lacey.

She stood out among the other candidates who applied and I have already started diving into training her. Win!

In fact, the first thing I did after hiring Lacey was I blocked out time to train her on my calendar, as I know how important it is to slow down and train new hires so they can hit the ground running and go fast with me toward my goals!

Because I’m right in the middle of making and onboarding this new hire (the whole process is innately fresh in my mind), I thought it was the perfect time to bring you an episode that’s been on my mind and in my pipeline for awhile and reveals my simple, five-step framework for training, coaching, and onboarding new people onto your team.

Whether you’re in the midst of hiring, getting ready to make a new hire, or will be hiring sometime in the future as your grow your business, I invite you to use this framework to empower those you’re bringing on your team so you can let go of some control and truly feel more confident about handing over and delegating tasks, activities and projects.

In this episode of Productivity Straight Talk, I’ll set you up to take ownership of your role as the leader of your business and embrace empowering leadership so you can reclaim time and mental bandwidth by effectively delegating tasks, activities, and projects, knowing they’ll be executed successfully.

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